We’re happy to meet you!

We’re happy to meet you!

Let us introduce ourselves.  We are the experienced and highly accomplished professional team at NorthStar.  We are a diverse group of talented individuals with a variety of skills and interests.  We are proud of our accomplishments and the great clients we serve. Meet the stars at NorthStar.

We’re happy to meet you!
Chris Collins, President

Chris Collins


Chris is a hands-on leader who has spent over 25 years forming and leading high-performing teams to mission accomplish on the most critical initiatives in some of the most challenging environments across a myriad of industries and organizational functions. Chris’ focus on end-state success and ability to align and synchronize people, processes and technology results in practical plans, flawless execution and the realization of tangible results.

Shelly Lewis, Program & Project Management Practice Lead

Shelly Lewis

Program & Project Management Practice Lead

With over 20 years of experience as a leader and project manager, Shelly helps companies and teams build and execute on strategic plans that align to goals. A librarian by training, Shelly ensures all project stages are informed by data and information.

Frank Gregory, Social Intelligence Practice Lead

Frank Gregory

Social Intelligence Practice Lead

With 13+ years in strategy, research & digital/social analytics, Frank helps marketers build social intelligence capabilities, get more value out of clients' social analytics tools, and find actionable insights from social conversation analysis.

Michael Grinnan, E-Commerce and Digital Operations Practice Lead

Michael Grinnan

E-Commerce and Digital Operations Practice Lead

Mike is the Practice Lead for our newly formed E-Commerce and Digital Operations Practice. In this role, Mike helps design, launch, and grow NorthStar’s service offerings in the E-Commerce, Omni-Channel, and Digital Operations space. Mike brings 25+ years of experience in Retail and B2C E-Commerce to NorthStar. He is excited to bring his talents and drive to the team.

Samantha Miller, Lead Operations Specialist

Samantha Miller

Lead Operations Specialist

With over 15 years of operational experience under her belt, Samantha works directly with the President to plan, execute, manage, and improve the finance and operational activities to ensure they align with the overall goals of the company. Samantha holds a Master of Business Administration and has certifications in HR and Corporate Law.

Shane McDougal, Agile Solutions Practice Lead

Shane McDougal

Agile Solutions Practice Lead

With 15 years of experience in software development both as an engineer and as an agile coach, Shane utilizes his multiple certifications in Agile Leadership and Product Management to assist in transitioning corporate cultures towards Agile and Lean principles.

Shalini Patel, Social Media Intelligence Consultant

Shalini Patel

Social Media Intelligence Consultant

With an eye for brand strategy, Shalini works with our clients to design measurement plans and methodologies in order to track performance of our clients’ social media activity. Shalini strives to elevate her clients’ overall brand strategy and challenge her team to execute thorough and timely results.

John Clem, Data Science & Machine Learning Practice Lead

John Clem

Data Science & Machine Learning Practice Lead

John has gleaned valuable perspective, forged original work, and established direction over his 20 years of software, engineering, research, and analytics delivery and leadership. John frames, oversees, and delivers value to organizations using their data and context by utilizing his deep technical background and multi-disciplinary perspective.

Michelle Carnot, Project Management Consultant

Michelle Carnot

Project Management Consultant

A proud veteran of the US Air Force, Michelle has been working in Project and Program Management since 2008. As a certified PMP and Scrum Master, Michelle is always seeking better ways for teams to work together to achieve great things. With her specialization working with software and technology, Michelle is passionate about delivering great products that customers will love. In her spare time, Michelle can be found hiking, spending time with her dog, or making crafts.

Haley Peckman, Project Management Consultant

Haley Peckman

Project Management Consultant

Haley’s everyday work is between the worlds of marketers and technologists. She ensures successful builds and implementations of digital experiences, while coordinating a multi-functional team. Haley is fascinated by the user's journey through the various sites she has worked on and always strives to put users at the forefront of her work.

Peter Shoys, Lead Business Intelligence Consultant

Peter Shoys

Lead Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence professional with 20+ years in various technical and analytical positions. Peter has extensive experience in client Requirement Analysis, Physical and Logical design, Coding, Testing, Deployment, and Support of business applications using SQL Server and Microsoft BI stack.

Kristal Miller, Product Management Consultant

Kristal Miller

Product Management Consultant

With over 17 years in the Financial Services industry, Kristal helps companies with project and product management needs. She specializes in the Payment Services industry and supports change management, strategic planning initiatives, and team organization and building.

Bridget Martin, Call Center Technology Developer & Programmer

Bridget Martin

Call Center Technology Developer & Programmer

Accomplished Developer / Systems Analyst with domestic and international experience providing analysis, design, programming, and implementation for diverse business initiatives. Solid project management, technical, and problem solving skills. Consistently recognized for delivery of superior quality results.

Yisrael Glassberg, Senior Project Management Consultant

Yisrael Glassberg

Senior Project Management Consultant

With over eight years of experience managing enterprise wide technology modernization initiatives and IT projects in both the public and private sectors, Yisrael provides the strategic vision necessary to solve complex technological and organizational challenges as well as leads the execution and implementation of that vision through sound project management practices.

Divya Paramesh, Project Management Consultant

Divya Paramesh

Project Management Consultant

Highly skilled project manager with strong leadership, planning, and implementing experience for multi-million-dollar project and product plans. Broad-based operations skills include hands-on strategy development, research & communication, and effective team leadership and training.

Glenn Cunningham, Project Manager

Glenn Cunningham

Project Manager

With nearly 10 years employment at the company and 30 years in the IT field, Glenn has been involved in BI report development utilizing various strategies and in addition, has provided targeted data QA for the business.

Travis McRoy, Senior Consultant

Travis McRoy

Senior Consultant

With 15+ years of IVR analytical experience and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree focused on Information Technology (Management Information Systems Specialization), Travis assists clients in building business intelligence solutions and also database development to help make better business decisions.

Clarissa Pena, Product Management Consultant

Clarissa Pena

Product Management Consultant

Clarissa has a diverse set of experience including, operations at an educational nonprofit, consumer brand management, and digital product management. With an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, she helps teams set strategy, stay organized and build online platforms.

Ken Moritz, SQL ETL Developer

Ken Moritz

SQL ETL Developer

With 20+ years developing business intelligence solutions and database development for call center companies, Ken helps provide real world analytic solutions to businesses who depend on their call centers to drive their business.

Betsy Temple, Project Management Consultant

Betsy Temple

Project Management Consultant

Betsy has over 20 years of experience in planning, coordinating, and implementing a variety of sales and marketing initiatives. While managing multiple, concurrent projects, her dedication to excellence continues to deliver value and customized services to her corporate clients.

Tad Stauffer, Content Management Consultant

Tad Stauffer

Content Management Consultant

Tad has 17+ years’ experience in reducing errors in business production; whether proofing text & graphics for print & web, or testing Financial software, his eye for detail is always an asset.

Olivia Shiner, Associate Operations Consultant

Olivia Shiner

Associate Operations Consultant

As a young Digital Marketing professional, Olivia helps clients execute national marketing campaigns, manage complex data sets, and analyze results to meet customer needs. She graduated with a degree in Business Management from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017.

Andy DeSantiago, Project Management Consultant

Andy DeSantiago

Project Management Consultant

Andy brings a wide variety of leadership and project management skills from experiences in the military, oil & gas and manufacturing industries. He has brought a people-first approach to help organizations define their goals, establish road maps to attaining them and quantify metrics for success. In the military, Andy led infantry units in the field and abroad, wrapping up his career teaching cadets at West Point. In oil & gas and manufacturing, he helped companies identify gaps in their mid-level management for future growth strategies. In both career paths, he successfully completed several high-profile projects in the organizational development, Information Technology, and the Geographic Information System spaces by utilizing this people-centric approach.

Mary Nugent, Product Management Consultant

Mary Nugent

Product Management Consultant

As a holistic thinker with experience in all facets of the design process; Mary is able to apply research, data, empathy, and visual design systems into an interactive digital solution that solves both user and business needs.

Dana Bonincontri, Associate Operations Consultant

Dana Bonincontri

Associate Operations Consultant

With 3 years of tenure at NorthStar I support our Comcast client with Xfinity Order Entry by deploying national marketing promotional offers in client’s Point of Sale system across sales channels and building & maintaining offer content in their content repository system.

James (Wes) Niarhos, Marketing Operations Consultant

James (Wes) Niarhos

Marketing Operations Consultant

With over 20 years in the Service Software and Telecommunications industry with experience focused in Accessibility, Analytics, and Product Management I offer my knowledge and expertise to our Comcast client.

Ryan Roseman, Associate E-commerce Operations Consultant

Ryan Roseman

Associate E-commerce Operations Consultant

Michael Dugan, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Michael Dugan

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Mike has 25 years of IT experience with many different technologies, but really enjoys doing database development and ETL work. He also has strong accounting and reporting skills.

Come work for us

With the wide-ranging skills, experience, and certifications at NorthStar, there is always an opportunity to learn from your NorthStar team members.  We have PMP certified Project Managers, Six Sigma Green Belts, ITIL professionals, SAFe Agilists, SAFE Advanced Scrum Masters, Certified Scrum masters (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Microsoft SQL Server experts, expert Talkwalkers, and accredited digital marketing, accounting, and business writing pros to name a few.  

If you want to work with an expert team that is committed to helping great businesses accomplish their goals, you’ve come to the right place.  We know it takes great people to achieve great results.  We look forward to meeting you.

Even in a remote-work world, we find time to meet as a group for events like Lunch & Learns.  Our most recent Lunch & Learn was run by Frank Gregory who leads our Social Media Intelligence practice.  Frank walked us through what social media intelligence is, the services we provide, and what value our services can bring to organizations.

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