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Capitalizing on your organizational capabilities

Companies gain competitive advantages when they focus on and build their organizational capabilities. Do you know where to focus your efforts? Do you know how to build and implement optimal strategies? NorthStar can help you fit all of the pieces together.

Organizational Capabilities Building

Are you having challenges building organizational capabilities?

Get ready for us to help you optimize your capabilities! 

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Organizational capabilities drive meaningful business results by effectively building and managing your organization's collective skills, expertise, and resources. 

Companies with strong cultures and engaged leadership teams that value training have an advantage when it comes to focusing and establishing organizational capabilites.  NorthStar can help your company gain these winning attributes.

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Challenges or opportunities

What if...

  • Your organization has landed a huge new opportunity that will strategically drive the company ahead?
  • Teams are complaining as they try to juggle processes the organization has outgrown?
  • Your front-line experts are spending more time working through processes than supporting your customers?
  • There is a lack of consistency in the delivery, quality, and transparency of your products?

These are signs that your company may need to expand its organizational capabilities.

As your organization is continuing to evolve, the way you’ve always done things is no longer enough.  Your teams are experiencing growing pains and you need to keep your top people focused on the best work for the company.  NorthStar knows how to take the challenges your company is experiencing and develop an opportunity to expand your company’s organizational capabilities. 

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Results of our work

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    • Customer Experience Transformation
    • Operations Management
    • Organizational Capabilities
    • Talent Optimization

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Requiring a big picture focus on resources, processes, data, culture, and customers

    A Fortune 50 communications client was experiencing a rise in customer escalations directly related to customer reward fulfillment.  Research into the redemption and fulfillment process identified vendor shortcomings.  In addition to inconsistencies with account team support, there was a lack of integration with and management of subcontractors as well as inadequate information infrastructure and program data sharing.  The supplier had not invested resources in this area of the business, prepaid card management, and lacked a progressive approach. In addition, the supplier communicated the impending sale of the business unit.  It was imperative to evaluate options and identify a new supplier. 

    • Quickly developed a thorough understanding of this marketing operations’ function. Stabilized the current process (information exchange, fund reconciliation, and analysis).   
    • Surveyed the prepaid card landscape to identify viable options for vendor transition.  
    • Identified the appropriate stats to define a scope and develop a request for proposal for prepaid card management. Utilized the client’s tool to develop, communicate and house the RFP. 
    • Assisted with supplier selection, business requirements going forward, contract development and business transition. 

    The NorthStar Solution process included both staff augmentation as well as marketing operations consulting. NorthStar provided a resource with extensive marketing operations background in Fortune 500 consumer goods loyalty management including fulfillment sourcing, supplier management, and fund management. This alignment with the requirements of the client assignment allowed for quick onboarding and scope development to expedite the RFP as well as address immediate vendor relation issues. Drawing on experience, NorthStar provided insight into the pros and cons of customer reward alternatives, options for analysis, and improved cross functional integration.

    The development and execution of the RFP for prepaid card management provided our client with insight into the interdependencies of subcontractors in this space as well as a host of options available to address the business needs.  Realizing a $300K annual savings was not the only win for our client. The selected supplier provided additional offerings including digital delivery and collateral options that will increase customer engagement and data integration with other select suppliers that will ensure an enhanced consumer experience.  

    • Operations Management
    • Organizational Capabilities
    • Talent Optimization

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Going the extra mile by identifying and implementing quick wins

    Our client was facing a common challenge where their employees had too much work to do and not enough time or resources to do it.  These employees were faced with too many competing priorities and demands as well as a lack of proper tools which caused their productivity and efficiency to decline.  To solve this challenge, NorthStar personnel both collaborated with the client and their staff as well as communicated and shared information with each other to identify quick wins and additional value. 

    To resolve a productivity issue, a NorthStar Product Manager identified an application that was developed by a NorthStar peer for a purpose that could be retrofitted for the client’s web content production team.  The work to take this software and modify it took a fraction of the time compared to developing a fresh solution.

    NorthStar also evaluated our client's manual processes.  One of their employees was manually digging through thousands of files to find and replace a single piece of code.  A NorthStar Business Analyst overheard the challenge and identified a reporting tool that would help find all of the files that needed editing in a matter of minutes.  In this case, there was a 50% reduction in the amount of time it took perform this task.  In addition, the tool identified by NorthStar allowed them to pinpoint a host of other applications for the reporting tool that significantly reduced the level of effort in other routine tasks.

    • Business Process Management
    • Execution & Delivery
    • Organizational Capabilities

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Implementing an audit process to increase efficiency in the production of deliverables

    NorthStar Solutions Group was selected to improve the contract authoring and audit processes for a Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company.  The company faced many challenges while generating deliverables due to the labor-intensive nature of the process. Frequent data requests were being addressed through manual Content Management System updates requiring lengthy data entry and data authentication projects. The manual data entry strategy was resulting in human error and the repetitiveness of the data entry tasks put constraints on the validity of the quality assurance process, both resulting in inefficient time management. When the process became backlogged, the department and the customer became adversely impacted.  

    Project goals: 

    • Gain visibility from various department members into the needs and requirements of the entire process 
    • Create a broader project plan to provide expectations and warn of potential constraints 
    • Diversify and automate tasks within the team to alleviate the repetitiveness of the tasks and reduce human error 
    • Utilize statistics and weekly reports to establish a series of ongoing project plans to track and manage data entry and quality assurance tasks 

    By focusing on the core NorthStar principles of simplicity, operational efficiency, and continuous process improvement, NorthStar consultants implemented an effective solution.

    • Created a system audit to provide data consistency through Content Management System  
    • Integrated disparate systems to achieve conformity throughout data entry process  
    • Used SQL to query back end systems to reduce manual workload  
    • Defined logic to standardize data entry process  
    • Created support documentation and training materials  

    These were all accomplished without the use of expensive resources or outside vendors, hence creating a valuable solution which resulted in a more efficient method of producing deliverables and a more productive department within the company.  The new tool reduced the amount of time and manual effort by simplifying the audit process through automation and reduced the number of errors impacting clients.   

    • Organizational Capabilities
    • Program & Project Management
    • Technology Enablement and Implementation

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Establishing project management office (PMO) for client's digital center of excellence

    As a part of establishing a project management office (PMO) for the digital center of excellence (DCOE) there needed to be a tool to track and report the progress of each initiative within the DCOE taking into account current roadmap and any net new initiatives. With the PMO framework, staffing plan, and Governance established, NorthStar looked at current tools in place and any new tools/vendors needed to create a central repository or system of record.  NorthStar’s approach was to analyze current tools to see they would meet the needs of the PMO.  Next steps were to look at outside vendors who support Portfolio and Project Management life cycles.  

    After careful selection, NorthStar helped the client select ServiceNow which was already implemented within the DCOE for intakes and incidents.  By highlighting the PPM module in ServiceNow, the client was able to save cost as this tool was prepaid up to 2 years with over 260 licenses.  Eliminating the need for an additional costly tool, the client’s challenges were resolved.  Implementing the ServiceNow PPM module meant measuring project successes from a dashboard and provided a summary of all portfolios.  As a result, the Project Managers maintained their programs and projects within ServiceNow.  NorthStar also provided training for all PMs and other resources as well as created a much-needed Project Request process and form within ServiceNow for all net new implementations.


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