Presenting strategy execution thought leadership

Presenting strategy execution thought leadership

At NorthStar, we have over 16 years of experience helping companies meet their objectives by implementing their strategies. Throughout this time, we have gained valuable insights into how to help companies drive the changes they desire. Read our thoughts and insights on the past, present, and future.

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NorthStar's business solutions experts have helped companies, large and small, government or commercial, implement their goals.  We have provided advisory, execution & delivery, and outsourcing services in areas such as business transformation, tool and technology selection and implementation, organizational change, building products and websites, and more.

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    • Thought Leadership

    January 6, 2021: Program & project management

    The importance of asking the question, “what else?”

    You can teach an old dog new tricks.

    Several years ago, and after close to 20 years as a project manager, I learned something new, something I now consider critical.   I use it all of the time, at every stage of a project and even at the end of most meetings!

    I had the pleasure of working with a project manager who ended many conversations with “What else?”.

    • At the end of a meeting with a new department that she did not know all that well, she asked “What else?”.
    • At the end of a meeting with a project team she had worked with for years, she asked “What else?”.
    • At the end of a conversation about the project strategy or about setting up a communications plan or about deployment, she asked “What else?”.

    I could go on and on, but you probably know what she would say.

    The brilliance of this question is many-fold:

    1. It offers people who have not spoken a chance to speak up
    2. It gives the team an opportunity to reflect on what they might have missed
    3. It displays a true open-mindedness to other thoughts, opinions, ideas, or tasks
    4. It is an open-ended question which means responses can come in all shapes and sizes.   Unlike the question “Anything else?” which indicates that everyone can disperse if the answer is “no”.
    5. It shows the team that they can bring things up at any time, even at a later date

    If you don’t already use “What else?” as part of your project manager leadership role, I encourage you to try it.

    • Thought Leadership

    December 23, 2020: Program & project management

    Taking stock of our accomplishments at the end of 2020

    The end of the year is a common time to take stock in accomplishments.  As we all recognize, 2020 provided an unexpected challenge.

    Our Program & Project Management team leveraged this time of disruption to redesign & transform our own website.

    The new site portrays our brand exactly how we want to. We now have a platform to raise awareness of the significant value that we can provide as a business solutions company focused on executing & implementing our clients’ strategies.

    In other words: #StrategyExecution.

    We also took this time to fully define our corporate values & social responsibilities, which have always been core to who we are but now are clearly expressed as a daily reminder of our responsibility to each other, our clients, and the community around us.


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