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2022 Virtual Contact Center Product Category Social Ethnography Takeaways

Virtual Contact Center Social Ethnography Takeaways for 2022

Q4 2022 Takeaways

In Q4 2022, there was one new takeaway theme that was not observed in Q4 2021 and Q4 2020 as follows:

Q4 2022 Takeaway: Affordability can be seen not just in price but in the pricing model

  • Users conveyed that a VCC solution with a pay-as-you-go pricing model was more affordable.


Q4 2022 takeaways that continued from Q4 2021 and Q4 2020 were as follows:

Q4 2022 Takeaway: New VCC technology additions are appreciated as long as they meet expectations

  • Users conveyed their appreciation for regular feature updates compared to other VCC solutions that have updates every six months or have a long roadmap.


Q4 2022 Takeaway: Cloud-based benefits vs On-premise VCC should be considered in selecting a VCC

  • Users expressed that it is more efficient and easier to use than on-premise options.


Q4 2022 Takeaway: As with Q4 2020 and Q4 2021, new VCC technology additions are appreciated as
long as they meet expectations

  • Users conveyed that there is a constant focus on launching new features allowing for improvement in day-to-day management of a contact center, reducing effort and improving management capacity.”


Q4 2022 Takeaway: As with Q4 2020 and Q4 2021, users conveyed the need for quick Integration upon
launch of a VCC solution as being essential for success

  • Users expressed the desire to do a proof of concept in choosing the best VCC fit compared to doing just a sales demo.
  • Users conveyed that the expert certification course they took for the VCC solution was inadequate in fielding multiple client concerns due to issues with the VCC solution.
  • Users conveyed concern that the VCC solution they selected had junior trainers who hadn’t been with the VCC company more than a few weeks so all of their questions were parking lotted and they did not get back before the support period expired.
  • Users conveyed the effort to try and build out reports without having the VCC background but still needed help or direction as a starting point since they lacked adequate internal resources as well.


Q4 2022 Takeaway: As with Q4 2020 and Q4 2021, users conveyed that processes were needed to be
added or built upon by VCC partners to ensure their clients optimize collaboration, engagement and,
ultimately, productivity

  • Users conveyed that platform integration enabled versatile live call monitoring as well as file monitoring and scoring.
  • Users expressed concern as to how they would be impacted and whether they should explore other VCC options based on significant organizational and structural changes at some leading VCC companies that resulted in a reduction in multiple cloud platforms and older vcc infrastructures not being reinvested in.
  • Users appreciated that they can track agent status in real time, get daily reports and also have features that allow users to listen to recorded calls or listen to live calls from agents all in one too, thus improving service skills and helping agents work faster than usual.
  • Users conveyed how the VCC solutions were very convenient and a great way to connect everyone in every state with great features that make work much more convenient. Also providing a robust solution to all of a customer’s needs related to any channel and a seamless integration offering for related external platforms.
  • Users expressed that quality control is another advantage, being able to evaluate calls in “real time” and return them to agents is a game changer.
  • Users conveyed that their VCC solution is a very sophisticated system for managing customer support requests.
  • Users conveyed that their VCC’s interface is:

        - Intuitive and easy to learn, making the learning process much easier and that the product itself is very easy to use and easy for administrators.
        - Numeric keypad and settings in call bar are the added feature to simplify use.
        - The platform is relatively simple and the control of the call flows is logical and clear.
        - Easy to find reports.
        - Have full transparency about what agents are doing.
        - The flexibility and independence provided by the tool to configure according to business needs.
        - App is easy to use and provides everything needed to contact customers.
        - Call recording is easily available and accessible. This tool is very convenient for tracking and maintaining talk time data and reports.

  • Users conveyed that their VCC solution creates a fast and seamless customer experience for the clients. The AI-powered support for retail enhances customer loyalty and unifies the digital and physical customer journey. Workflows and services are pre-configured to ensure value addition for each conversation.
  • Users conveyed that the Cloud contact server allows users to dial, manage calls, do conferences, place calls on hold and many other similar features. Since, it has large user community, one can trust and use it.


Q4 2022 Takeaway: As with Q4 2020 and Q4 2021, users conveyed that some VCC UI/UX features are
considered more impactful than others

  • Users conveyed the following regarding existing as well as the need for advanced reporting capabilities:

        - Very easy to use and has very good visibility into both real-time data and any historical reports.
        - Pre-built reports allow quick access to data.
        - Need to provide better industry-specific KPI’s (e.g.. healthcare industry patients and providers, regulatory requirements, etc.).
        - Being able to run reports is simplified, making it easy to extract information.
        - Dashboards and reports help to view team data in a defined way, such as call reports, live agent lists, live contact lists, call times, wait times, incoming and outgoing calls, etc.
        - Customized report features get the reports when they are wanted with screen-sharing capability.

  • Viewers Valuable predictive engagement and gamification features with good inbound functionality
  • Users conveyed that VCC solutions make it easy to copy and paste phone numbers from emails into MAX or redial a previous incoming call (it doesn't require multiple users and a lot of information to connect with it, plus the amount of data obtained is valuable).
  • Users conveyed that the supervisor console works very well and provides all the options for monitoring agents.
  • Users expressed that the process to make a call is very fast, allowing for the management of large volumes of calls per day. The system is self-organized and everything needed can be easily accessed. The VCC tool has all the integrated channels, whether they be calls and chats, and are fast and automatic.
  • Users conveyed that the automatic call distribution system which normalizes the support calls in many ways depending upon the service guy expertise and support given in a day.
  • Users stated that conference to warm transfer is a no if you’re used to it but it doesn’t take long to figure out the best way to handle it.
  • Users expressed that the biggest customer/handler complaint seems to be low quality comms/difficult hearing what is being said at times which was attributed to the headsets more than the software.
  • Users conveyed that it is almost impossible to get queues to work correctly the first time and that license requirements for every user that needs their screen recorded.
  • Users also conveyed their VCC solution is kind of slow sometimes and doesn’t work properly if you don’t clear your browser cache daily or if you run wifi vs being hardwired.
  • Users expressed concern that their VCC solution can feel very un-intuitive. The interface is all over the place and does not highlight areas that are most commonly used. Also, it can be a challenge to find functions within the interface.
  • Users also expressed that the application availability is good but seems to be very sensitive to changes in network (i.e. network slowness, traffic etc.).
  • Users conveyed that the WFEM portion needs to be more robust. It lacks certain expected capabilities such as holiday allowance tracking.
  • Users conveyed that the call quality, especially with international numbers, is crisp.