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The unfiltered, organic story on any topic in any time period at the highest level of confidence.

The Problems the Social Media Ethnography Solves: 

Researchers, marketers, and PR experts are discouraged...

  • Need qualitative data and can’t easily find their target audiences in their social listening tool dashboard reports.

  • No time to pore through thousands of mentions to identify the audience.

  • Even if comments are successfully identified, they are likely to fall short of being statistically representative.

  • Lack qualitative research experience to synthesize and visualize the insights.

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Benefits to Integrating the Social Media Ethnography:

  • Obtain unfiltered qualitative social media insights from target audiences on your brand and product category.

  • Complement your brand reputation and competitive intelligence social media monitoring with audience-specific insights on any topic in any time period.

  • Bring your statistically representative social media audiences to life through customized, interactive dashboards.



Your social listening tool query pulls data from many audiences (e.g., consumers, companies, journalists, etc.).


With NorthStar, we:

  • Manually identify with near 100% accuracy your target audience based on their organic, unfiltered attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics.

  • Manually discover this statistically representative audience including topic-specific themes and degrees of sentiment with near 100% accuracy to ensure decision making at the highest level of confidence.

  • Create follow-up traditional qualitative & quantitative research and influencer marketing program opportunities with the target audience(s).

Social Media Ethnography Use Cases


Healthcare company identified consumers suffering from three conditions. Integrating a Social Media Ethnography, they understood which methods of receiving types of care were preferred. 


Cybersecurity company discovered new audiences talking about a topic critical to its business growth beyond its traditional target audience. Company was then, through a Social Media Ethnography, able to prioritize its messaging and creative based on the themes and sub-themes discussed by these audiences.

Marketing Research:

Marketing research firm identified three audiences in the educational space among millions of social media mentions that were organically talking about a topic critical to its client. Through a Social Media Ethnography, they could then determine what questions to ask and how to best ask them to optimally inform their qualitative and quantitative research.

B2B or B2C Influencers:

Marketing company targeted and identified B2B influencers across various social media channels. By applying a Social Media Ethnography, they were able to discover their similarities and differences, obtain insights into their strategy and execution tactics, and understand what topics, behavioral, and attitudinal themes they were communicating.

End State: Optimize engagement with your existing and potential customers due to a deeper understanding of your target audience.

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