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NorthStar deploys Celonis to help streamline AR processes.

Optimize your Accounts Receivable process to improve working capital and mitigate risk.  

We will use pre-built modules in Celonis to see your toughest challenges. 

Step 1: Deploy the Starter Kit to quickly detect inefficiencies.

  • Deploy process mining capabilities.

  • Use pre-built KPIs to identify the anomalies. and analyses.

  • Machine Learning does the analysis automatically.

Step 2: Accelerate the collections process.

  • Prioritize customers based on likelihood to pay and invoice value.

  • Get automated, ML-driven cash forecasts for you to plan with. 

  • All information comes from existing systems. 

Step 3: Credit risk mitigation.

  • Continuously check credit limits.

  • Dynamically adjust profiles for new information and changes in customer behavior.

  • Assign the recommended limit to a specialist for action. 

What CFOs will like: 

  • Turn AR into cash as fast as possible.

  • Mitigate risk of non-payment with intelligent credit limits.

  • Operate with real-time, machine-learning-driven forecasts.

  • Prioritize your teams based on customers’ likelihood to pay.

What AR Leaders want to see:

  • Eliminate manual reporting with real-time KPI monitoring.

  • Be alerted to gaps in your credit and collection teams’ execution.

  • Make your collectors’ jobs much, much easier.


What AR Managers will like:

  • Visualize your credit and collections KPIs in real time.

  • Review the most impactful execution gaps for each KPI.

  • Take immediate action against chronic issues.

  • Set intelligent targets and mobilize your team to tackle what’s most important.

  • Leverage built-in automations to free up your people’s time.

Empower your AR Specialists.

  • Leave it to the machines to assess risk and adjust credit limits.

  • Work on customers automatically sorted by value and likelihood to pay.

  • Get next-best action recommendations to achieve your goals.

  • Make calls with complete customer information at your fingertips.

  • Spend your time where it matters — not on boring and repetitive tasks.


End State: Achieve best in class results in Accounts Receivable for the metrics that matter.

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