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Process Excellence starts with understanding the problem at hand.

We know how to enhance your business processes and make them more efficient, from start to finish.

Our approach starts with an unshakable belief that effective solutions are only possible when you truly understand the process and problems being experienced.

Our approach includes:

Advisory Services  

Augmentation Services  

Managed Services

In this approach, we assess your: 

Next, we recommend a course of action for all areas of the assessment. 

This approach consists of: 

  • All items in the Advisory Services section.

  • Assessing your process needs (team, tools, technologies). 

  • Selecting process mining tools

  • Developing the process improvement project plan. 

  • Supporting tool implementation. 

  • Implementing sustainability plans (teams, roles, tasks, tools, SOPs). 

This approach consists of: 

  • All items in the Advisory Services section.  

  • Discovery of current process mining needs

  • Connecting to source systems.

  • Reporting process deviations.

  • Creating process improvement plans based on the diagnostics.

  • Building internal process excellence consutling capabilities. 

  • Developing an ongoing support package consisting of analysis, insights, process improvement, and training.

We partner with you to:

  • Integrate multiple systems that do not talk to one another.

  • Bring together the fragmented data that can help you see the business' full potential.

  • Visualize and manage information.


We work to see into your organization. We dig deep. We take the time to listen and observe, asking the right questions and gleaning insight from your operations. 


We partner with you to support:

  • Process Mining

  • Task Mining

  • Process Execution Management

  • Process Digitization

  • Intelligence Process Automation

Regardless of your role in your company, we can help you get the results you want.

We work with:

  • CEOs and Presidents who understand that the business has duplication of efforts, but need help to see exactly where and what it is costing the business.

  • Transformation Directors who understand the key to success for the future is process digitization.

  • Operations Directors who need to empower teams and reduce efficiencies.

  • Finance Directors who see duplication of efforts and want to reduce costs.

Our Endstate: Increase your situational awareness for daily operations and empower you to plan for future complex environments.

Learn more about how we approach Business Process Management.


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