Utilizing insourcing & outsourcing business process services

Utilizing insourcing & outsourcing business process services

You know your organization needs additional help, but new hires aren’t the right solution. NorthStar can help you decide if an insourcing or outsourcing solution is the right fit. Get the help you need!

Insourcing & Outsourcing

Insourcing or outsourcing?

Ready for us to help you acquire needed labor or specialty skills for your business? 

Let's Work Together

NorthStar will work with you to understand your needs and drivers to determine the right solution for your organization.  Beyond that, with NorthStar’s focus on getting results, you know that the plan will be executed to deliver the business outcomes you need.

NorthStar delivers both business process insourcing (BPI) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. 

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

NorthStar can provide a team that operates outside of your organization to deliver the work, resources, or products that your company needs.  By leveraging an outside company, you can take advantage of a skilled workforce with a lower cost and limited need to perform the effort in-house.

Business process insourcing (BPI)

Integrating new resources, operations, and processes into your existing environment can allow your organization to make better use of existing infrastructure, knowledge, and structure.  NorthStar knows the best ways to integrate the work of an outside company into your home base.  We can help you build a capability and then establish it with your organization and ensure your team has the tools to manage it moving forward.


How can we help you?

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    • Execution & Delivery
    • Insourcing & Outsourcing
    • Program & Project Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Saving a multi-million investment with a “one CMS, one site” strategy

    A global media and technology company chose NorthStar Solutions Group to develop a content management strategy and save a multi-million-dollar Content Management System (CMS) investment from getting replaced prior to being fully operationalized.  In addition to selecting key technology vendors to partner with, NorthStar focused on changing the mindset to a “one CMS, one site” objective operating on key principles of simplicity, operational efficiency, and business process improvement.  

    With the project dangerously close to failure and the technology in jeopardy of getting thrown out, the client turned to the management consultants at NorthStar for help. The NorthStar engagement helped them evolve from having an over-customized, disparate system unable to scale to meet the needs of its enterprise stakeholders, to a stable, scalable and highly efficient platform operating on the vendor’s latest technology.  

    With NorthStar, our client found a partner with industry leading domain expertise and proven success in implementing and operationalizing content management systems. NorthStar was engaged to augment internal teams and systematically drive improvement in the following ways:  

    • Develop a continuous upgrade model  
    • Define taxonomies  
    • Mature governance and workflow processes  
    • Automate configuration and code promotion  
    • Upgrade platform infrastructure  
    • Create user support and training models  
    • Define information and system governance processes  

    Since engaging with NorthStar in 2013, the company overcame numerous challenges with their CMS platform. In addition to multiple successful upgrades to the latest CMS version, they implemented a new governance model for both content and systems, and adopted a recommended user support and training program.  They also streamlined delivery teams and moved to operating under consolidated code releases on a standard schedule. These changes have resulted in protection of their investment and ability to leverage an enterprise-wide solution across multiple channels for years to come. 

    • E-Commerce & Digital Operations
    • Insourcing & Outsourcing
    • Program & Project Management
    • Talent Management

    Top Regional Healthcare System

    Mobilizing project management services to implement & migrate to a new & efficient CMS platform

    The request

    Our client, a top regional healthcare system, had not made any significant technology upgrades in several years and was stale and reaching end-of-life.  Under the leadership of a new CEO, they were trying to update everything at once including migrating their end-of-life CMS to Sitecore, migrating their end-of-life web apps from cold fusion to dot net, migrating their end-of-life security platform, and completely redesigning/rebuilding their website.  In addition, they wanted to launch concurrent projects to replace their existing web tool with a SaaS solution and building brand new functionality for direct scheduling integration, urgent care wait times, and live chat.    

    Organizational challenges

    Organizational change was a complicating factor because the organization was under new leadership, IT cutbacks, merger with another health system, combining disparate businesses into one website, and industry pressures to do more and more with less.  As a result, the organization was overwhelmed and disorganized.  

    In addition, the existing business and IT had several people leave the organization and the remaining staff was tied down in daily maintenance activities and did not have the time to devote to these projects.  They hired consultants to fill the gap, but management was new or inexperienced with projects of this size leading to confusion, gaps, duplicity, and delays.  

    Our approach

    To resolve these challenges, NorthStar consultants first prioritized all projects and goals. 

    • Coordinated a project plan for the Health System project 
    • Organized a program plan to manage and report on all of the projects in progress 
    • Installed the value of “leadership engagement” to the Health System’s CCO and System Director  
    • Met with the resources to identify their activities, sequencing, dependencies, and timing 
    • Created the project schedule and got agreement from all the resources and leadership 
    • Drove the project forward and created accountability in our status meetings  

    The results

    NorthStar helped our client to successfully achieve its business objectives and launch the new site on-schedule and with high-quality content as well as demonstrated this successful process and methodology to other project managers to use for future initiatives.

    • Coordinated and executed the migration of more than 1,600 content pages and associated imagery to a new Web Content Management System (CMS)
    • Provided training and education on the new process for creating and maintaining content after the initial eight-month migration period
    • Migrated 1,614 web pages and 245 images while building out a structured library to organize the content
    • Created 22 new web forms and applied 450 tags to over 300 web pages
    • Valuable training was conducted to improve functional capabilities

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