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When businesses undergo change, they often bring in outside consultants to help guide them through the process. The two work together tirelessly to ensure the consultants have a firm understanding of the business's problems, and the consultants map out a theoretical strategy and steps to achieve success. The consultants then hand them a roadmap to success and the two parties part ways.

Most businesses lack the experience and expertise to execute the initiative laid out by consulting firms. And without strategy execution, these blueprints are simply good ideas.

That's where NorthStar Solutions Group comes in. We're a management consulting firm focused on strategy execution consulting, and we help clients bring their good ideas to life.

How our strategy execution expertise can help you

Businesses often have rock solid strategies to achieve their goals, and yet they just as often fail to achieve those goals. This happens because businesses without strategy execution experience haven’t mastered the art of strategy implementation. 

The real world is never as it appears on paper, and when things inevitably change, many businesses don’t know how to adaptively implement their strategy.

NorthStar Solutions Group has over 16 years of successful strategy execution and delivery experience.  Delivering the strategy is all about putting ideas to work, and we work hard to align our clients’ strategy with their capabilities for flawless execution.

Results of our work

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    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Creating, generating, and delivering in-house reports

    Our client's objective:

    For this project, our client’s objective was to have their full suite of weekly vendor managed reports created, generated, and delivered in-house. 

    Our client was making use of an outside team to create and deliver their reports.  Once they realized there were tangible benefits to bringing the work in-house, they asked NorthStar to utilize their internal team's capabilities to help reduce overall cost as well as curtail the number of persons needed to achieve the weekly deliverables.

    NorthStar's solution:

    As a member of the client’s internal team, the NorthStar expert assisted in documentation as well as learning the processes relating to the backend data and reporting technologies needed to drive the report deliverables.  Each targeted report was transitioned over to NorthStar for ownership.

    With full ownership of the vendor management reporting suite, NorthStar allowed members of our client’s team to both realize cost savings as well as focus on other pertinent initiatives to allow their productivity to be increased.

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    • Data & Analytics
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Generating reports from near real-time Contact Center call data

    Our history with the client

    We have been working with our Fortune 50 Telecommunications client since 2004 in many aspects of their business.  Recently their customer call data became available as near real-time, so they asked us to create reports from this data.

    Our client's goal was to capture and report on the call data as early as possible so that this important information would be shared with other groups as well as give them the ability to ingest the data into other systems.  The call data is important because it is a record of a telephone exchange or telecommunications transaction.  Near real-time availability of this data is critical to companies so they can act quickly and decisively.

    How we continue to make positive impacts

    With this change in reporting functionality, our client is now able to view call data much earlier and other users are able to grab the data earlier. It also allowed the client to get overnight calls that were on occasion missed due to timing. Overall, it sped up the reporting process and improved accuracy of the data.

    Our NorthStar expert adjusted the current process which pulled data once a day for the previous day to a new process which ran hourly to grab the previous 6 hours of calls or any call that had been modified in the last 6 hours.

    • Execution & Delivery
    • Technology Management

    Public Transport Company

    Reimagining remote and virtual desktop to save time and money

    The request

    Our client’s major requirement was a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solution to replace a shared Citrix desktop which, although working fine for several users, was not sufficiently secure or robust enough to handle up to 300 users.  The client also requested this deployment be based on Windows 10. 

    Solution and results

    NorthStar’s Citrix architects built and configured a Windows 10 VM (virtual machine) to the client’s specs with their necessary applications and configurations including Office 365.  NorthStar consultants completed this deployment in several rounds; first with a pilot group of 10 users to evaluate and test this new desktop solution.  With feedback and exhaustive testing, another deployment was completed.  The users encountered no issues with accessing their home drives or applications, such as Outlook, as well as all other network functionality. 

    Many issues that had plagued the old Citrix farm, such as applications requiring audio or video replay, could be accessed on a per user basis on their own VMs.  The VDIs were then rolled out to the users on an as needed basis.

    The NorthStar approach

    When a customer asks NorthStar for a solution, we make sure that we are addressing the base issue, and not just band-aiding a symptom.  When a client tells us that an application does not work in their existing infrastructure, we approach the situation from a new and inquisitive point of view. 

    By using this approach, this client was able to save tremendous amounts of time and effort.  Instead of having to sneaker-net applications and configurations to individual users and laptops throughout the organization, users were able to utilize Citrix storefront, a familiar web portal, to get the applications they need to do their job quickly and efficiently.

    • Data & Analytics
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Data ingestion, ETL, and analytics for Customer Engagement Platform migration

    Summary of the request

    Our client was migrating to a new Customer Chat Platform (Nuance) and needed to retain the same level of reporting capability as their old Platform (eGain).

    Our client's challenges

    The client was inexperienced with extracting data from the product’s various APIs and needed assistance understanding and integrating data with various contact streams.  Contact analysis and transcript level detail had to be reproduced following existing guidelines.

    Our approach

    1. Phase 1, Discovery: NorthStar's data team worked with the business to define and build requirements. 
    2. Phase 2, Assessment: NorthStar's experts utilized the vendor documentation to determine the appropriate Nuance APIs needed and develop an ETL process.  
    3. Phase 3, Implementation: Data had to be normalized to fit into an existing structure based on the previous platform development.

    The results

    The results were a quick turnaround and seamless transition from the old chat platform to new providing downstream users with an uninterrupted flow of data.  Providing analysis such as Customer Sentiment and Customer Resolution Rate allowed the client to compare the new platform performance versus their established trends to identify and resolve issues early on in the rollout. 


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