Strategy execution consulting that helps companies achieve their vision

Strategy execution consulting that helps companies achieve their vision

Using our unique execution expertise, we go beyond implementation to truly solve your business challenges

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When businesses undergo change, they often bring in outside consultants to help guide them through the process. The two work together tirelessly to ensure the consultants have a firm understanding of the business’ problems, and the consultants map out a theoretical strategy and steps to achieve success. The consultants then hand them a road map to success and the two parties part ways.

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Most businesses lack the experience and expertise to execute the initiative laid out by consulting firms. And without strategy execution, these blueprints are simply good ideas. 

That’s where NorthStar Solutions Group comes in. We’re a management consulting firm focussed on strategy execution consulting, and we help clients bring their good ideas to life.

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What Is Strategy Execution?

Businesses often have rock solid strategies to achieve their goals, and yet they just as often fail to achieve those goals. This happens because businesses without strategy execution experience haven’t mastered the art of strategy implementation. 

The real world is never as it appears on paper, and when things inevitably change, many businesses don’t know how to adaptively implement their strategy.

NorthStar Solutions Group has over 16 years of successful strategy delivery experience.  We ensure that our clients can adapt and implement their strategies no matter what real world conditions or obstacles stand in their way. Delivering the strategy is all about putting ideas to work, and we work hard to align our clients’ strategy with their capabilities for flawless execution.

Results of our work

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    • Execution & Delivery
    • Platform Implementation & Integration
    • Program & Project Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Providing project management services in support of knowledge base migration

    For this knowledge base migration project, NorthStar provided project execution consulting as well as organization change management.  Project activities consisted of providing overall project management such as defining and planning the schedule, building logs for changes, risks, issues, and building communication plans.  For the organization change work, we supported the resource, process and technology integration of multiple corporate, market, and vendor stakeholder groups.

    The project was split into phases; phase 1 included initial application set-up & configuration and infrastructure set-up, establishing national & initial market application architecture, and conducting knowledge transfer from vendor professional services.  

    Phase 2 included execution, control, and project close.  As a team who values strategy execution, our role in this phase included not only a successful knowledge base migration but planning for post-deployment maintenance. 

    • Data Science & Machine Learning
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Providing big data and data science talent for network content delivery team to detect and address anomalies

    NorthStar provided our client with big data and analytics talent for their network content delivery team. Our client was experiencing unusual network events that drastically degraded service for their customers.  The objective was to detect these, and other, issues from the data to help catch and address issues. In a big data environment with millions of events occurring per second, analysts and teams can quickly become inundated and be unable to find what is needed in the middle of all of the chaos.  Also, the client neither had a solid definition of what was customer-impacting nor how to identify their occurrence. 

    Our data scientists quickly surveyed the team and identified a new dataset that wasn't well understood or used, and identified ways to analyze network events and developed anomaly-detection algorithms that would indicate when something abnormal occurred.  They also identified ways to connect a separate dataset to know what anomalous events were customer impacting, and then predicted customer impacting events using machine learning.

    Our project reached several quantifiable goals using an analytical approach. With the analytical approach we were able to identify anomalous events without a pre-defined event signature.  This was done in a modular way that would allow various types of events to be detected again without knowing the details of what a future event would look like. By identifying events impacting the client's ability to deliver their desired quality of service to their customers, these anomaly detection and prediction algorithms give insight to the client when issues begin to happen and often in advance of their occurrence so they can address them proactively rather than waiting to either receive reports of the issue from their customers because client personnel was not able to observe the issue amidst the overwhelming amount of data and activity of normal operations.

    • Business Intelligence
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Integrating social media in the contact center to improve customer experience

    A client tasked NorthStar with improving the accuracy of their Contact Center's behavior tracking to optimize the customer experience.  The client had recently created a Digital Care team to handle modern contact channels (Social, Messaging, Chat, Forums) however this data remained siloed from their legacy channels (Voice, Retail).  The result was an incomplete picture of their customer contact behavior and an inability to measure the modern channel's effectiveness in improving customer experience.  

    Utilizing the social platform's REST API technology, NorthStar was able to ingest data from the modern channels into the corporate data lake combining it with legacy contact channel data.  This consolidation of data allowed the client to track their initial customer contact resolution within and across all channels and determine resolution rate of customers who contact via social media but might end up reverting to legacy channels for follow-up.  Analysis of this data allowed the Digital Care team to improve the handling of social media contacts and engage with the customers to drive a more proactive strategy to enhance their experience.  

    • Advisory Services
    • Business Intelligence
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

    Analyzing business traveler ‘stay behaviors’ for marketing opportunities

    The client was unsure of the percentage of business travelers staying at focused service brands who did not make reservations through corporate booking channels.  They wanted to size this audience to see if there was enough to warrant targeting, to learn more about what their current relationship with the brand, and their stay behaviors as well as their demographics. 

    Using a set of criteria on the client’s internal customer database, NorthStar identified a sizable audience of 6.4M.   This project was the first time that the Brand Marketing team leveraged the customer data and insight provided by the Digital and Marketing Analytics team to identify a target audience.  After the initial analysis was shared with the team, they asked NorthStar to present the findings to their agency so they could use the insights to target and message to this opportunity segment.  

    Learning of the sizable business traveler segment, this analysis provided the following value. 1) It identified the size and value of the BTO segment. 2) The customer profiles created for this segment helped the Brand Marketing team and their agency partner to determine the best way to reach these customers by looking at their relationship with our client and their past stay behaviors.  The client could use this analysis to design an offer or rate that would appeal to this high value audience segment. This project provided examples of ways that the Digital & Marketing Analytics team could provide customer data and insights to help the Brand Marketing team to identify and better target specific customer groups.


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