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Creating seamless customer experiences fully integrating stores & e-commerce

As e-commerce shopping becomes a larger portion of overall sales customers will expect that in store point of sale systems are integrated, can see online orders, can place online orders, and can provide the same pricing, promotions, and order entry experience.

Store Systems ECommerce Integration

Integrated systems allow your customer to choose how she wants to shop without FOMO

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Customers do not want to be concerned that they missed out on a deal or an experience or a product because your systems are not integrated. We must stop thinking in terms of retail and e-commerce, everything is digital, and it is just commerce. NorthStar has expertise in a variety of solutions that can assist your organization in achieving your systems integration programs. With the shift in technologies, customer preferences for shopping, fulfillment options and the need to stay competitive, your systems must evolve.

We can guide you through your journey with our main specialty areas, improving your customer service, conversion, retention, revenue, and bottom line.

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Today’s consumers do not see your channels as separate entities. Your store to them is no different than your website or mobile app, other than they can see and touch the merchandise.

To ensure customer satisfaction and sales increases year over year, retailers must embrace the true spirit of systems integration that is omnichannel. 

What's the difference, Multi-Channel or Omni-Channel? 

Multi-Channel has separate carts, different pricing, alternate fulfillment options, distinct promotions, and a varied look and feel. To the customer it is disjointed and illogical. This is legacy due to most e-commerce sites being built separately, after stores were established and without upgrading store systems and technology. 

Omni-Channel is a connected customer experience, promoting loyalty, satisfaction, integration, pricing, and promotions that make sense and a way for customers to have the best of all worlds, making them a customer who wants to continue buying from you.


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