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Direct to consumer fulfillment is an opportunity for retailers to ship faster

Out of stock items was an increasing problem for retailers during COVID-19. Fulfillment centers were running out and stores could not ship to customers. However, direct to consumer fulfillment is an option. Utilizing your store employees, or supplier network allows your customers to receive items faster.

Store Direct to Consumer

Store direct to consumer fulfillment eliminates stale inventory

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NorthStar has expertise to drive integrations with your current order entry systems and order management fulfillment operations with your stores or your supplier.  We can guide you through an Agile journey connecting you and your customer to a faster and more efficient way of shopping and receiving their merchandise.  This is how retailers can keep up with the process employed by Amazon and Walmart and ensure that inventory is unavailable at the E-Commerce center and does not sit in stores until markdowns or ship to outlet is required.  

We can guide you through your journey with our main specialty areas, improving your customer service, conversion, retention, revenue, and bottom line.

Shop from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere. The future is now.

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Millennials and Zoomers have a different expectation for purchases than previous generations.  Having grown up almost exclusively digital, they are an 'I need it now' consumer base.  Information is at their fingertips all the time.

If you can’t deliver it today or tomorrow, someone else can, and sometimes at a better price.  You don’t want your customers to go to your competition simply because you could not get it to them fast enough when you have it in stock somewhere or could have it drop shipped.

Amazon’s greatest strength is its distribution model.  You cannot be Amazon, but if you are a retailer, you have distribution points (think 'stores'), so you can get it to your local customer faster than anyone else.  A larger retailer with literally hundreds if not thousands of stores has a huge advantage in this distribution model.

You simply require the right order management system to identify in stock items at your store or supplier, the ability to place the order against that inventory, fast notification to pull the item before being sold or shipped somewhere else, and fulfillment by shipping it out the same day if ordered before the cutoff.  It is possible with the right solution.

Drop shipping can cut out the store and get to your customer faster

Drop shipping is also becoming a solution for wholesalers and retailers.  Nike announced this year that it is eliminating distribution through Zappos and other retailers to ship direct to consumers. 

Retailers have a similar option. 

With integration to order management systems, orders are sent directly to the distributor for direct fulfillment to the customer, instead of the warehouse or store.  This eliminates the middleman and can increase delivery speed to your customer by days.


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