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Mobile technology is changing retail shopping and it is here to stay

Mobile technology runs much of what we do every day. It is our phone, our calendar, our camera, our gaming, our information source, first choice for Millennials and Zoomers to make online purchases.

Mobile First Technology

Mobile is transforming retail.  Are your order and fulfillment operations mobile ready?

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NorthStar can connect your experiences to the user preference which is increasingly mobile.  We can aid you in transforming an informational and slightly transactional mobile experience into a fully interactive purchasing, order management, order fulfillment, employee experience, and customer satisfaction tool.  Your customers, especially Millennials and Zoomers, are gravitating to heavy mobile use and to make fulfillment streamlined, your store associates should also be connected to this experience.

We can guide you through your journey with our main specialty areas, improving your customer service, conversion, retention, revenue, and bottom line.

As a retailer, NorthStar can identify opportunities to consider mobile first when building out new technologies and experiences

ecommerce technology in the hands of a business man, laptop, phone, tablet

Mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and phones. Each has benefits and limitations. However, they are the preferred form of communication for an ever-increasing population of your target customers.

Your E-Commerce site must be able to function and perform visually and quickly.  In a recent survey, mobile response times of the websites for the majority of the 2,000 largest retailers were found to exceed 3 seconds.

Your customers will not wait that long. 

Your site must either recognize the device format and load faster, or you need to develop an app that has mobile specific functionality. 

Mobile is driving how customers shop and receive items. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 87% of consumers said they want a touchless ordering and pickup process, and nearly half are still avoiding stores altogether except for necessities.

Customers always have is their mobile device.  If you are not developing technology with a mobile first mindset, Millennials and Zoomers will shop your competition and they will not return. 


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