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Enhanced loyalty connects online and store purchases into one program

Many retailers have loyalty programs. Not all loyalty programs are created equal and not all recognize that customers shop more than one channel.

Enhanced Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs in omnichannel show you care about your customer

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If you have web, store and phone sales and are not omnichannel, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity for referral business, reviews and repeat sales. NorthStar can analyze your business, find best practices that support your goals and develop a plan to integrate and support loyalty that earns additional business for your company.

We can guide you through your journey with our main specialty areas, improving your customer service, conversion, retention, revenue, and bottom line.

Mobile rewards, referral points, and satisfaction

The ability to build rewards toward future purchases, free merchandise and gift cards are highly desirable. These loyalty programs drive additional and higher ticket sales.

Use mobile apps so customers can review their points on the fly while they are in the store or on your site, giving them the opportunity to apply their points to the current sale.  

Omnichannel identifies customers who are loyal to you no matter how they want to shop and especially if they shop you through multiple methods.   It’s called customer loyalty for a reason.


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