Digital curbside pickup is part of the new normal customers like it

Digital curbside pickup is part of the new normal customers like it

You have BOPIS, but now your customer cannot or does not want to come into the store. They want the item delivered to their car curbside for safety and convenience. When you were closed, it wasn’t an option. Now that you’re open some customers still see it is a requirement.

Digital Curbside Pickup

Digital curbside pickup is not a nice to have it is a must have

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For retailers who had the functionality, curbside pickup orders rose over 80% according to some research reports. NorthStar can connect your retail systems with your e-commerce, order management, and mobile systems to enable customers to place a curbside order. Then based on inventory, ship to store or pick from store, drive to the store when notified the item is available and notify your associate when the customer is curbside ready to pick up.

We can guide you through your journey with our main specialty areas, improving your customer service, conversion, retention, revenue, and bottom line.

Curbside pickup is the safe and secure way for retailers to serve customers

Even with BOPIS, COVID-19 changed the process. Most stores were closed and could not ship to store since customers could not enter the store to pick up.  Enter curbside pick up, which retailers who succeeded during the pandemic had to implement quickly and with immediate process changes. 

Curbside Pickup, for those who had it, made all the difference in continuity and keeping staff employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With rapid change, comes rapid need and compromises.  Stores without the time or resources to integrate technology had to adopt a process whereby customers needed to stand outside and call into the store to retrieve their items. 

This was acceptable when the store was closed, however now you are open, and the phone line is for conducting "normal" business.

Without dedicated staff or electronic systems to notify the store that the customer was outside, the process got in the way of good customer service in-store and out. 

Customers were willing to wait when they had no other option. The more that Curbside Pick Up becomes the norm, the more customers will expect your technology to make their experience easier. Mobile apps need to integrate with order management systems and associate devices to streamline the process.

Large retailers set the example

McDonald’s and Walmart, among others, already had this functionality. Several major online platforms and apps are being created to enable this available and affordable. 

Let NorthStar help you determine the opportunities between what you have today and what you need to succeed in the future. 

We can leverage data analysis, program management, RFP development and support, integration and cloud resources, as well as provide guidance for solutions that consider the future of your business.


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