Exceeding your customers' expectations

Exceeding your customers' expectations

Recently, customer expectations have taken a radical shift.  If you aren’t keeping up your game to deliver the customer service and products your customers need, you could be left behind. Increase customer loyalty and engagement by identifying and solving real customer problems and needs.

Customer Experience Improvement

Insights & actions to deliver exceptional customer experiences 

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Customers interact with your business in many ways - websites, online chat agents, products & purchasing, & email - to name only a few. 

Conversely, your company's processes and supports - CRM tools, marketing, digital operations, & technical infrastructure - can have great impact on whether the customer experience is positive or negative.

Companies must ask these probing questions and thoroughly understand the answers.

  • How are your customers currently interacting with your company?  
  • How do your customers want to interact with you?
  • What is the sentiment of you current customers?  How do they think about your competitors?
  • What are your company's goals regarding customers, products, and revenue?
  • What are the current tools your company is using?  Are they capable of providing the right solution for today and scaling for the future?

How we can help drive your customer experience improvement transformation

We take a holistic view of customer experience improvement and tailor it for your unique company.  NorthStar has expertise in many areas that can work synchronously to support your overall needs.  We utilize our partnership network to inform & support all of our transformation efforts.

Transformation approach to customer experience improvement

Customers expect great products that meet or exceed their expectations.  NorthStar can help you better understand your customer needs and expectations.  Starting with innovative techniques like customer experience mapping, usability metrics, and other tools, NorthStar can help you get inside the heads of your customers so you can meet them where they are.

The second half of the equation is providing exceptional customer care.  When issues arise, how that interaction is handled can mean the difference between a customer for life and a swath of negative reviews.  NorthStar recognizes that when your customers want help, they want it to be easy to find and navigate.  NorthStar can support this goal by streamlining the customer experience and making it easier for your customers to get the help they need.  Your customers also want a friendly, knowledgeable, and consistent experience when engaging with your contact centers.  NorthStar can identify where your organization would benefit from improvement initiatives and then support you through the execution.  

Working hand-in-hand, you can rely on NorthStar to bring the tools, experience, and drive that will give you the insights and actions you need to deliver a wholly satisfied customer.  

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Results of our work

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    • Business Process Management
    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Program & Project Management
    • Talent Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Supporting and coordinating our client’s OKR business process change

    What the client asked for

    NorthStar is providing talent services to our client’s streaming apps team to support and coordinate their Operational Key Result (OKR) business initiative for 8-10 teams.  Our client was looking to focus the effort of their Stream App group on work that would have a proven and measurable result for their customers.  Previously, there was no clear way of correlating the work done directly to customer value.  

    How we approached it

    With NorthStar talent as the supporting Program Manager and Coach, we built a working partnership between Product Owners, Developers, QA, and Operations Support to define and clarify the most important needs for stream customers.  These needs were targeted as the group's objectives.  Capturing these needs and determining how to quantify them into Key Results (KRs) was a major mindset shift for the group.  With NorthStar guidance, the teams had to decide what would best help "move the needle" for their customers for the targeted areas.  Capturing, ranking, and measuring the projects with this focus in mind was a new challenge for the teams.

    How the mindset shift helped meet the goals

    With the help of NorthStar, our client reached several industry goals. All of the new teams were able to create concrete goals (objectives), with supporting metrics (key results) to build towards those goals.  The teams were able to prioritize and focus on projects related to these goals.  NorthStar has expanded their support of this effort to two additional areas and continues to lead and manage the implementation of projects focused on our client's objectives. 

    • Advisory Services
    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • E-Commerce & Digital Operations
    • Program & Project Management

    Leading Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

    Transforming a dated and limited website

    Our client is a healthcare organization consisting of three hospitals providing a variety of primary and specialty physician services. NorthStar is providing B2B professional services to our client’s marketing organization to lead and manage their website redesign initiative through various project phases. They were looking to replace their existing websites with a fresh, modern, unified web experience that highlights their unique brand, improves the user experience and delivers measurable results in terms of expanded opportunities to recruit patients, physicians and partners through improved content and online services. 

    NorthStar needed to capture all of the business drivers from the physician, marketing, and information technology perspectives and ensure alignment amongst all project stakeholders. We knew this would be the key to ensure a clear understanding of the priorities that would guide the discovery and vendor selection process as well as forecast the project initiation timeline for the successful redesign.

    NorthStar led the effort in determining the evaluation criteria for vendors, building scoring models, assessing functional requirements, and conducting technical analysis of a variety of content management and provider management platforms. We produced a comprehensive analysis of alternatives looking at key metrics to help inform our client of the most technologically sound and affordable options. 

    Our project achieved several projected goals and milestones.  

    • Leveraged NorthStar’s rigorous analysis and chose to proceed with NorthStar’s recommended vendors to execute the website redesign.  
    • NorthStar guided them through the procurement process building design documentation and process/data flows in order to enable a smooth transition to project initiation. 
    • With the help of contracted talent for both content management system and provider management system vendors and initiated their website redesign project. 

    NorthStar continues to lead and manage the implementation project through vendor coordination, integration management, operational strategic planning, risk mitigation, and change management oversight.

    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Technology Management
    • Telecom & Cloud Solutions

    Multi-facility Medical Rehabilitation and Imaging Company

    Leading the selection of superior customer service and features for a VoIP solution

    The request

    A multi-facility Medical Rehabilitation and Imaging company was approaching the end of contract with its existing Business VoIP provider.  They were not happy with the quality and the customer service of their current provider and asked NorthStar for assistance in coming up with a new solution.

    NorthStar assessed the current state, worked with company leadership to understand pain points and future state requirements, determined the conceptual design for the new system, worked with its partner network of VoIP/UCaaS/CCaaS providers to select the best match provider, helped negotiate the terms and conditions to include better SLA terms, and assisted in the implementation process.

    The NorthStar solution

    As a direct result of leveraging NorthStar as its Business Technology Solutions Advisor, the client got a higher-quality solution, better tailored to their individual requirements with an award-winning support model and a better overall price.

    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Operations Management
    • Organizational Capabilities
    • Talent Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Requiring a big picture focus on resources, processes, data, culture, and customers

    A Fortune 50 communications client was experiencing a rise in customer escalations directly related to customer reward fulfillment.  Research into the redemption and fulfillment process identified vendor shortcomings.  In addition to inconsistencies with account team support, there was a lack of integration with and management of subcontractors as well as inadequate information infrastructure and program data sharing.  The supplier had not invested resources in this area of the business, prepaid card management, and lacked a progressive approach. In addition, the supplier communicated the impending sale of the business unit.  It was imperative to evaluate options and identify a new supplier. 

    • Quickly developed a thorough understanding of this marketing operations’ function. Stabilized the current process (information exchange, fund reconciliation, and analysis).   
    • Surveyed the prepaid card landscape to identify viable options for vendor transition.  
    • Identified the appropriate stats to define a scope and develop a request for proposal for prepaid card management. Utilized the client’s tool to develop, communicate and house the RFP. 
    • Assisted with supplier selection, business requirements going forward, contract development and business transition. 

    The NorthStar Solution process included both staff augmentation as well as marketing operations consulting. NorthStar provided a resource with extensive marketing operations background in Fortune 500 consumer goods loyalty management including fulfillment sourcing, supplier management, and fund management. This alignment with the requirements of the client assignment allowed for quick onboarding and scope development to expedite the RFP as well as address immediate vendor relation issues. Drawing on experience, NorthStar provided insight into the pros and cons of customer reward alternatives, options for analysis, and improved cross functional integration.

    The development and execution of the RFP for prepaid card management provided our client with insight into the interdependencies of subcontractors in this space as well as a host of options available to address the business needs.  Realizing a $300K annual savings was not the only win for our client. The selected supplier provided additional offerings including digital delivery and collateral options that will increase customer engagement and data integration with other select suppliers that will ensure an enhanced consumer experience.  


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