Driving & implementing enterprise-level transformation initiatives

Driving & implementing enterprise-level transformation initiatives

Business transformation is one of the many critical capabilities NorthStar offers to customers. We can help you to integrate new business models or technologies to change how you operate and deliver value to customers.

Business Transformation

Ensure your organization can adapt in this fast-changing world

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Business transformations take many shapes - digital, agile, cloud, technology, organization, people.  A consulting company who knows how to weave together practices and elements from each of those areas is the key to a successful transformation.  NorthStar's core expertise is exactly that.

In light of uncertain times and an unknown future, many companies are having teams work remotely which means employees work from any location supported by the technologies available there. 

Business transformation has always been critical to innovation and company success however the current focus and need in today's landscape is more acute than ever before.

Business transformation is fundamental

Lately, business transformation is focused on supporting a distributed work environment.  Not only do employees work from home, but the tools and technologies that support them must be accessible, processes and procedures must be adapted, and data and infrastructure must scale.  There are many benefits:

  • Allows for better alignment to business goals & future planning
  • Greater view into customer journey & better end user experience
  • Empower employees to work & operate from anywhere
  • Increase agility & innovation for employees and customers

Making work portable and business resilient

NorthStar has significant experience in leading transformations.  We can build capabilities for your employees, implement virtual collaboration solutions, and find efficiencies and best practices.  Our experts will draft a plan for your organization's transformation and see it through to make that vision a reality.  Our business professionals have been trusted to lead dozens of high-profile clients as they navigate transitional initiatives. 


Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

— Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Founding Father & American polymath

Results of our work

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    • Business Transformation
    • E-Commerce & Digital Operations
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Program & Project Management

    Top Regional Healthcare System

    Mobilizing enterprise-wide project management and organizational change management services

    The request

    Our client, a top regional healthcare system, had not made any significant technology upgrades in several years and was stale and reaching end-of-life.  Under the leadership of a new CEO, they were trying to update everything at once including migrating their end-of-life CMS to Sitecore xDB , migrating their end-of-life web apps from cold fusion to dot net, migrating their end-of-life security platform, and completely redesigning/rebuilding their website.  In addition, they wanted to launch concurrent projects to replace their existing web tool with a SaaS solution and building brand new functionality for direct scheduling integration, urgent care wait times, and live chat.    

    Organizational challenges

    Organizational change was a complicating factor because the organization was under new leadership, IT cutbacks, merger with another health system, combining disparate businesses into one website, and industry pressures to do more and more with less.  As a result, the organization was overwhelmed and disorganized.  

    In addition, the existing business and IT had several people leave the organization and the remaining staff was tied down in daily maintenance activities and did not have the time to devote to these projects.  They hired consultants to fill the gap, but management was new or inexperienced with projects of this size leading to confusion, gaps, duplicity, and delays.  

    Our approach

    To resolve these challenges, NorthStar consultants first prioritized all projects and goals. 

    • Coordinated a project plan for the Health System project 
    • Created the project schedule and got agreement from all the resources and leadership 
    • Organized a communications program plan to manage and report on all of the projects in progress 
    • Installed the value of “leadership engagement” to the Health System’s CCO and System Director  
    • Drove the project forward and created accountability in our status meetings 
    • Restructured technical and marketing teams to better support the new platform 
    • Developed training strategy and training modules

    The results

    NorthStar helped our client to successfully achieve its business objectives and launch the new site on-schedule and with high-quality content as well as demonstrated this successful process and methodology to other project managers to use for future initiatives.

    • Coordinated and executed the migration of more than 1,600 content pages and associated imagery to a new Web Content Management System (CMS)
    • Provided training and education on the new process for creating and maintaining content after the initial eight-month migration period
    • Migrated 1,614 web pages and 245 images while building out a structured library to organize the content
    • Created 22 new web forms and applied 450 tags to over 300 web pages
    • Conducted valuable training to improve functional capabilities
    • Business Process Management
    • Business Transformation
    • Execution & Delivery

    Top Regional Healthcare System

    Facilitating a content & digital marketing assessment

    Challenges the client faced

    A large regional healthcare provider requested services from NorthStar Solutions Group to resolve the following challenges: 

    • The client had 13 websites housed in 7 different domains. Each site had a different tool and method for content management, with several sites managed by external vendors. The client’s team was unsure how many pages they would need to migrate, and the level of effort required.  
    • Lack of unified reporting platform to examine usage, detect trends, and optimize their websites.  
    • Their reporting platform was underutilized, and the team was unsure how to apply learnings to site optimization.  
    • The current digital strategy was outdated and disjointed.  

    Our focus

    Throughout the engagement, NorthStar streamlined and transformed: 

    • Content inventory 
    • Information architecture analysis & recommendation 
    • Path to content migration 
    • Analytics capabilities 
    • Digital marketing capabilities 

    Our transformative solutions

    NorthStar provided a content inventory of 13 websites under the client’s umbrella. The final report identified over 1,300 content pages that would require evaluation and possible migration to Sitecore. Of those pages, more than half were examined to provide a matching Sitecore page type, and to identify if other components would also require migration.  NorthStar completed an analysis of the Google Analytics Reports and Dashboards and created a detailed list of all available reports, along with recommendations for additional reports that can be created to provide insights to the Digital Marketing team. NorthStar also provided a high-level explanation of the Sitecore Experience Analytics platform and offered a customized approach that the client’s team could follow to improve visibility into user behavior and engagement with their website.  

    • Business Process Management
    • Business Transformation
    • Talent Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Centralizing interactive voice recognition (IVR) reporting environment

    Looking for IVR and other dashboards

    This Fortune 50 company contracted NorthStar for our talent to help where they struggled with the lack of a robust portal for reporting needs in order to drive business decisions/issues quickly and efficiently.  The current environment provided users access to reports but with less visual appeal and effective, intuitive navigation.  Many reports available at that time were detail-based and lacked a higher-level approach.  In addition, many questions surrounding report accessibility, displayed results, metric definitions and overall navigation were handled without the use of any formal communication channel.

    BI reports & data best practices

    The business’ environment possessed backend data in tables and other SQL objects whose formats were not as conducive to best practices for BI report development.  The data was relational for the most part but more detailed-based, less summarized and not completely ID/measure-based. 

    Also, the organization had a desire for a more robust and visually appealing IVR reporting environment from what was currently being accessed by the business. They needed to consolidate detailed IVR reporting via dashboards and incorporate KPIs to allow for high level viewing of key IVR-based metrics, which would enhance the decision-making process.  As well, the reports and dashboards needed to represent a single-entry point for managers and alike, which would generate a wider audience internally for the client and move toward a single source of truth.  

    A technical approach

    NorthStar worked with the Client’s SQL team.  ETL processes, encompassing SSIS packages to execute a new set of stored procedures and scripts, were also built to generate the daily backend data for reporting.  From the client’s existing ETL processes and IVR table structures, additional processes were created to populate a set of new IVR-based FACT tables, specific to the needs of client.  With this new structure, best practices were achieved by creating the proper framework for report development. Working in concert with the client surrounding their reporting needs, a suite of detailed IVR reports and KPIs were developed, which not only created an efficient and streamlined environment but a visually appealing one as well.  

    Results for our client

    • Centralized IVR reporting environment  
    • Designated portal for the business’ reporting needs  
    • Seamless transition from former reporting environment  
    • Broader range of reporting from detailed to high level summarization/KPIs  
    • Visually appealing and intuitive navigation  
    • Consistent access and methodology to daily reporting questions/concerns 

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