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Measure your web traffic as a tool to drive decisions and website effectiveness.

How do you capture customer and market intel from your website?

Our approach to web analytics drives more informed decision making and more effective execution.

First, we collect and process data by defining:

  • The data and how it is going to be collected.

  • The platforms to be used to collect data.

  • The metrics used to conform the data and derive insights.

Second, we help you develop KPIs that:


  • Provide key indicators from collected data.

  • Show inbound and outbound traffic related to the website. 

  • Demonstrate website conversion capability.

  • Show gaps that need to be fixed. 

Third, we help you to create your strategy that:

  • Relates to your ecosystem and what is important.

  • Links goals and objectives to execution. 

  • Connects strategy to how the business will increase sales or market share. 

We have tools we use to help with your web analytics capability, such as:






  • Google 

  • ExactMetrics

  • MonsterInsights


  • Google Search Console

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Bing Webmaster Tools


  • SERanking

  • SEM Rush

Heat Maps:

  • HotJar

  • Microsoft Clarity

  • Crazy Egg

Our Endstate: You now have a clearer vision of how your digital ecosystem helps you meet your goals and objectives.

Now let's get a date on the calendar. 

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