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We help you strategically use data assets and analytics for informed decision-making.

Gartner predicted in 2021 that, by 2024, 75% of organizations will have established a centralized data and analytics (D&A) center of excellence to support federated D&A initiatives and prevent enterprise failure.

Is your organization in this category? 

NorthStar will help you generate understanding and insights from data to:

  • Inform decisions.

  • Prescribe actions.

  • Achieve measurable results.

From assessing business value through productionizing an Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning solution and everything in-between, we drive & deliver business results. 100%. Every Time. 

We partner with you to:

  • Optimize business processes with automation that keeps people focused on goal achievement and not task completion.

  • Automate processes to free up person to work on valuable business tasks.

  • Generate insights that facilitate action and help the team see the value in your data.

  • Prioritize analytics initiatives that drive real results.


When you partner with NorthStar, we’ll make sure you reduce chances of failure and increase the probability of achieving your strategic objectives by fully utilizing your data assets and the intelligence that can be derived therein.

Regardless of your role in your company, we can help you get the results you want.

We work with:

  • CEOs and Presidents to gain an understanding of organizational values and objectives. 

  • Chief Operations Officers to integrate strategy.

  • Business leaders to work through an analysis of existing data and processes. 

  • Directors and VPs at every business unit to collaborate on data engineering initiatives.


Our Endstate: You now have the capability to produce information for timely decision making with insights that facilitate achieving real results.

Now let's get a date on the calendar. 



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