Proudly announcing a service for customers who are struggling to execute their strategy, or adopting Agile

Proudly announcing a service for customers who are struggling to execute their strategy, or adopting Agile

NorthStar understands the challenges that many businesses face; we have been in the business of problem solving for our clients for over 16 years. We are also humble enough to know there is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to executing your strategies.

On-Demand Retrospectives

Your business is unique and has its own sets of constraints and real-world dilemmas that may get in the way of you delivering on your goals.  We know this and want to help.  

A typical retrospective takes a few hours.  Let’s get the conversation started with the first hour FREE($100 savings)  

Let’s start with you describing the problem with us and allow our team of industry leaders to brainstorm with you to come up with a solution or two. 

We want to help you identify and solve your issues.  Unlike some of our competitors who pitch canned advice only, we will partner with you and collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals. 

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Client problems we have resolved

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Corporation

"How do we weed through lots of data?"

We have a highly complex real-time system that generates huge amounts of noisy and inaccessible data. This system is highly visible and directly impacts customer experience and we frequently have problems with this system that go undetected and we often hear about via customer feedback. Given the complexity and amount of data to process, a general challenge we'd like to solve is to actually know when a problem is occurring so we can take the appropriate action.

Regional Mid-Sized B2C Business

"What are our customers saying about us on social media?"

Our call center staff is telling me that we have been experiencing an increase in customer service issues with some of our products lately, at the same time that we are planning a marketing campaign that will launch in a couple months. We have social handles, but aren't very active, and don't know whether people are complaining about us on social media. We also don't know much about what our target audience for our marketing campaign is saying/doing on social media, what our competitors are saying/doing on social media, or what customers are saying about those competitors. We aren't sure where to begin, as it seems there are a ton of 'social listening' tools out there, and even if we invest in one, no one at our company knows how to use them, or has time to learn.

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Corporation

"We need siloed teams to work together"

We are launching a combined solution for our home automation and security service offerings. We know this effort will cross many disparate teams in order to provide a seamless end-to-end solution. Our problem is we are very siloed across teams in different cities and we want a way to align everyone involved in the delivery of this solutions

Utilizing the Scientific Method

Our on-demand retrospectives follow a distilled down version of the scientific method.

  • Tell us about your problem
  • Let us hear about your hypothesis or we can help come up with one with you
  • We will work with you on some experiments for us to run
  • Look for measurable results to see if we achieve the expected outcome  

Tell us about your struggles in a free, on-demand retrospective with one or many of our practice leads.  Whether you are installing an Agile framework, migrating to a cloud solution, integrating social media intelligence or e-commerce, we would like to hear from you.  Let us assist you in root cause analysis of an issue you are facing today, for free! 



Our team wants to hear from you

NorthStar Solutions Group is pleased to operate as a virtual company, enabling our team of professionals to help you wherever you are. We are dedicated to supporting your needs and to delivering on your goals.