Supporting your entire organization's Agile culture shift

Supporting your entire organization's Agile culture shift

Agility affords companies the flexibility to adapt to the constant change of complex and uncertain business environments.

Agile Transformation

Agile transformation evolves the process of an organization in order to deliver faster, more efficient solutions

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Agile transformation solutions drive better business results.

  • Does your business desire better results today? 
  • Would you like to engage with your customers, increase collaboration, and beat your competition with a faster time to market?  

Business Agility can and should deliver your desire results by leveraging our team of Agility solutions at NorthStar Solutions Group.  NorthStar Solutions Group’s clients appreciate our years of Agile transformation experience, both as a consulting partner or by staff augmentation with one of our Agilists.

Our Approach

We have been at this long enough that we understand that every company has their own unique approaches and challenges.  We have worked with all types of companies from small start-ups to large Fortune 50 Enterprises.  Your results may vary, but our scientific approach to transitioning your culture to a more Agile culture will deliver the best solution for your desired results.

Our thorough approach includes these steps:

  • Identify and uncover your business goals 
  • Perform in-depth analysis of your current state and build a baseline for measuring progress 
  • Engage with your stakeholders early and often to ensure your business and funding goals are understood and progressing 
  • Facilitate and train EVERYONE 
    • Executive and Leadership Training tailored for leading the Agile organization change management 
    • Program and Product Management Training 
    • Production Team Training 
  • Through short term organization coaching, we will work with your leadership and coach at the appropriate level for your leadership team 
  • System optimization to ensure that the work flows efficiently and nimbly.  Empower your teams to inspect and adapt their behaviors to not only deliver output, but ensuring that output results in outcomes. 
  • Transition the coaching to you, the client.  Setting you up for maintaining the Agile Culture we’ve built together 

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