Strategic advisory services for successful implementation

Strategic advisory services for successful implementation

When companies have a strategy but not yet a plan for implementing it, they need an experienced advisor to help them devise plans and advise them on the supporting tools, resources, and capabilities. We direct organizations on the tactics, processes, and culture required to routinely deliver on their strategic visions.

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NorthStar offers a wide range of strategic advisory services from providing guidance on how to think about your company’s vision through how to building plans for on-going support of your hardware or software. 

Strategic advisory services are so much more than following theoretical solutions that look good on paper.  We work closely with our clients to get to know them and to understand what type of advisory services they need.

Advisory services with NorthStar Solutions Group

We ask the questions that are critical to executing an organization’s strategy.  

  • What is the company culture like? 
  • How is work usually done? 
  • Where are the process overlaps and gaps?
  • How does leadership impact employee productivity?  

We use these answers to help businesses implement the tactics, processes, and culture changes required to routinely deliver on their strategic vision in the real world.

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    • Advisory Services
    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • E-Commerce & Digital Operations
    • Program & Project Management

    Leading Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

    Transforming a dated and limited website

    Our client is a healthcare organization consisting of three hospitals providing a variety of primary and specialty physician services. NorthStar is providing B2B professional services to our client’s Marketing organization to lead and manage their website redesign initiative through various project phases. They were looking to replace their existing websites with a fresh, modern, unified web experience that highlights their unique brand, improves the user experience and delivers measurable results in terms of expanded opportunities to recruit patients, physicians and partners through improved content and online services. 

    NorthStar needed to capture all of the business drivers from the physician, marketing, and information technology perspectives and ensure alignment amongst all project stakeholders. We knew this would be the key to ensure a clear understanding of the priorities that would guide the discovery and vendor selection process as well as forecast the project initiation timeline for the successful redesign.

    NorthStar led the effort in determining the evaluation criteria for vendors, building scoring models, assessing functional requirements, and conducting technical analysis of a variety of content management and provider management platforms. We produced a comprehensive analysis of alternatives looking at key metrics to help inform our client of the most technologically sound and affordable options. 

    Our project achieved several projected goals and milestones.  

    • Leveraged NorthStar’s rigorous analysis and chose to proceed with NorthStar’s recommended vendors to execute the website redesign.  
    • NorthStar guided them through the procurement process building design documentation and process/data flows in order to enable a smooth transition to project initiation. 
    • With the help of contracted talent for both content management system and provider management system vendors and initiated their website redesign project. 

    NorthStar continues to lead and manage the implementation project through vendor coordination, integration management, operational strategic planning, risk mitigation, and change management oversight.

    • Advisory Services
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

    Analyzing business traveler ‘stay behaviors’ for marketing opportunities

    The client needed to understand their audience

    The client was unsure of the percentage of business travelers staying at focused service brands who did not make reservations through corporate booking channels.  They wanted to size this audience to see if there was enough to warrant targeting, to learn more about what their current relationship with the brand, and their stay behaviors as well as their demographics. 

    Using client data to gain information

    Using a set of criteria on the client’s internal customer database, NorthStar identified a sizable audience of 6.4M.   This project was the first time that the Brand Marketing team leveraged the customer data and insight provided by the Digital and Marketing Analytics team to identify a target audience.  After the initial analysis was shared with the team, they asked NorthStar to present the findings to their agency so they could use the insights to target and message to this opportunity segment.  

    Benefits of NorthStar's solution

    Learning of the sizable business traveler segment, this analysis provided the following value. 1) It identified the size and value of the BTO segment. 2) The customer profiles created for this segment helped the Brand Marketing team and their agency partner to determine the best way to reach these customers by looking at their relationship with our client and their past stay behaviors.  The client could use this analysis to design an offer or rate that would appeal to this high value audience segment. This project provided examples of ways that the Digital & Marketing Analytics team could provide customer data and insights to help the Brand Marketing team to identify and better target specific customer groups.

    • Advisory Services
    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • IT Infrastructure

    Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company

    Evaluating and documenting user experience of national customer-facing interactive voice recognition (IVR) application

    A leading Fortune 100 Telecommunications corporation undergoing a multi-billion-dollar merger selected NorthStar Solutions Group to evaluate and document the user experience of their national customer facing Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) application. In addition to providing an analysis of the user experience of the IVR, NorthStar provided specific recommendations and opportunities for improvement of the customer experience throughout all major paths throughout the IVR. 

    Encouraged by the recent merger, the client was interested in evaluating the IVR user experience from a third-party perspective. The client wanted to gain insight into the aspects of the system that were intuitive and functioned well, and those that were more difficult for a user to interact with. The IVR system was implemented in the early 2000’s and was less user-friendly and precise than some more current, recently built IVR systems. The client desired recommendations from a speech technology and platform agnostic point-of-view. 

    The call flows and corresponding user experience recommendations that NorthStar provided raised awareness within the organization responsible for the ownership, maintenance, and upgrades to the IVR system. NorthStar carried out the followings tasks to complete the project: 

    • Developed and executed the project plan 
    • Reviewed user interface specification and other call management documentation 
    • Generated use cases and worked with the client to prioritize them based on business criticality 
    • Cultivated a comprehensive backlog of use cases, including DTMF and natural language to enable further analysis and exploration 
    • Captured call recordings and created standardized diagrams of different IVR branches 
    • Tailored recommendations for system improvement at the use-case level 
    • Provided overarching recommendations applicable to larger branches of the system 

    NorthStar provided comprehensive documentation that included 63 individual use cases that corresponded to defined branches of the IVR system. NorthStar identified opportunities to restructure menus, streamline messaging, integrate online or mobile phone functionality where possible, shorten call times, and reduce fall-out into call centers.

    • Advisory Services
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery
    • Performance Management

    Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

    Increasing report acceptance through data analysis and visualization

    A case study in business intelligence 

    Our large hospitality client came to NorthStar with challenges they wanted us to solve.  They had multiple audiences with different levels of understanding and ability to understand their data.  There was no consistent and coherent way of telling the story that the data reveals.  Also, there was inconsistent branding leading to lack of acceptance, credibility, and value of internal data. 

    NorthStar worked with the client to set the following objectives: present data in multiple categories in a consistent digestible way and provide consistent branding to bring a sense of integrated value of the client’s data team. 

    As an approach, NorthStar designed a framework with clear and consistent format and flow, defined as key measures, executive summary limited to three color coded point, summary details, and future focus efforts.  We updated to consistent branding using our client’s brand standards, included resources like images and icons for easily building consistently branded content, and utilized data visualization, storytelling, graphic design, and common technology platforms to deliver self-service “fool proof” formatting. 

    Through this effort, there was a consistent understanding of the key measures, analysis, and next steps.  By integrating into our client’s brand standards, the report demonstrated both the buy-in of the data team and added value they bring. Information was accepted as more valid coming from an internal source.  The report was produced faster and more efficiently since the format called for clear parameters and condensation of the information to just the most important factors.  


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