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Here at NorthStar Solutions Group, we’re experts in the art of strategy execution. We know that plans on paper don’t necessarily translate to real-world success.  Executing a strategy requires problem solving, adaptation, and extensive capabilities. Our ability to understand your business challenges and craft right-size end-to-end solutions has driven our success for over 16 years.

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Using strategy execution as the structure for all of our work, we advise clients on the appropriate course of action and then we implement and deliver services through advisory, execution & delivery, talent management, and tools & technologies channels.  

Our approach works so consistently because we choose to do the hard work.  We partner with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business environment, industry, company culture, and the unique challenges they face. 

By doing the hard work and going that extra mile, we’re able to help companies in any sector with any business challenge.

What is Strategy Execution?

Strategy Execution is an approach that ensures that companies who have clarity of their objectives also have a strong supporting execution framework that enables them to clearly see both how the objectives will be achieved and to drive those objectives to successful delivery and implementation.

With Strategy Execution, the focus is on the end state value of the delivery related to the objectives.  Plans on paper, no matter how well-researched and well-written, do not translate to real-world success.  Executing a strategy requires problem solving, adaptation, and extensive capabilities. 

Through our work helping many clients in a wide variety of industries execute more efficiently, we’ve learned 4 key factors to success.

  1. Asking the right questions and listening attentively (clarity on requirements)
  2. Building strong plans, roadmaps, and cultures that can sustain flexibility
  3. Communicating with the right people along the way
  4. Defining and driving supportive organizational change and transformation   

Strategy Execution is a capability that allows companies to efficiently execute and deliver on their objectives.  It is more than simply having a plan, it is actually delivering on the request.

What our clients say about us

Dr. Jay Burks

Supplier Diversity Director, Comcast

"NorthStar has been a valued partner for Comcast over the years and has been instrumental in helping us to execute our growth strategy and meet our Supplier Diversity initiatives."

System Director, Digital Marketing

Multi-Billion Dollar Regional Health System

"I recommend NorthStar without reservation. NorthStar has provided digital / website project management for our system for over two years, first for a major website migration to Sitecore then for more than 10 follow-on projects. Their team’s professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and ability to help us hit all of our project dates on time and within budget are keys to our system’s success."

Senior Director, Digital & Marketing Analytics

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

“NorthStar has provided an outstanding partnership from the time we establish and communicate a need, all the way through ongoing value discussions and how to get the best out of our people. I consider NorthStar an extension of my team, not a vendor.”

Senior Director, Digital Operations

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

“NorthStar has a great vetting process as well as a strong working knowledge of my business. This makes it easy for me to feel comfortable that if a candidate is proposed, they are likely the most qualified available for the position and rate.”

Stacy Thomas

President, Good Run Research

"We were embarking on a huge research project to understand consumer perceptions of aging and caregiving, and needed a quick baseline understanding of common social media conversation themes. In just 3 weeks, NorthStar analyzed millions of conversations, even going back 3 years to show us how perceptions changed over time. Their analysis informed the rest of our primary research efforts, which made the project a resounding success!"

Senior Director, Data Science

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

"I am grateful to have worked with NorthStar to obtain a consultant. We began our partnership with NorthStar by obtaining a Project Manager to manage our first Data Science global project, a cross-functional project with multiple stakeholders, from Company Executive Committee to Software Developers. She helped navigate difficult circumstances and delicate conversations and drove project to successful completion, on time and on budget. Following the project’s success, she directly engaged in subsequent Data Science initiatives, expanding her roles to manage Data Science portfolio and be a key partner in defining Data Science long term strategy."

Manager, Business Services

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

“With a high quantity of work, rapid changes, and a matrixed partnered/managed environment, we require highly competent consultants who can quickly and easily adapt to changing project demands with little to no training. NorthStar has consistently provided top quality consultants, especially in the business analyst/agile product management space. Consultants that I’ve worked with have proven to be highly trained in business analyst best practices and can operate with a high degree of autonomy. Currently, most of my team is comprised of NorthStar consultants, all of whom have been a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Director, Advanced Analytics

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

"In our industry, we depend on complex data-driven products to provide value to the firm and its customers. Many of today’s data-driven projects – like building an enterprise model management platform - require a carefully thought-out and executed project plan. NorthStar’s consultants have regularly provided us with the technical and managerial expertise to navigate these projects. And, it’s not just because they’re good project managers. They know how to navigate large, complex businesses in an effort to better-integrate the overall value of the project (and its people) into the business."

Senior Director, Enterprise Data & Analytics

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

“Based on firsthand experience, NorthStar provides superb consultants who are unsurpassed in their professionalism, experience and dependability. They are diligent problem solvers who provide immediate results. Proactive in their demeanor, committed to teamwork and selfless in their actions, NorthStar's assets deliver superior business value at an attractive price point. Furthermore, NorthStar's leadership is responsive, attentive and stands behind their commitments making for a topnotch end-to-end experience. Highly recommended.”

Certifications & awards


NorthStar Solutions Group, LLC is certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.


NorthStar is honored to be a graduate of the Veteran Institute Procurement (VIP) GROW Program.


Certified by US Business Leadership Network as a Service Disabled Veteran-Disability Owned Business Enterprise.

Philadelphia Business Journal 2020

Proudly named among Philadelphia Business Journal's 2020 List of the Largest Veteran-owned Businesses.

Philadelphia Business Journal 2019

Proudly named among Philadelphia Business Journal's 2019 List of the Largest Veteran-owned Businesses.

Web Guru of the Day

Thrilled to be recognized as Web Guru of the Day for our site's creativity & innovation by WebGuruAwards.com.

Inc. 5000

NorthStar is pleased to be consecutively ranked on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list from 2011 – 2017.


CRN listed NorthStar in the 2014 Fast Growth 150, the annual ranking of the fastest growing solution providers in North America.

Philly.com Top Work Places 2017

NorthStar is proud to have been voted one of the top places to work by Philly.com from 2015 – 2017.

Philly.com Top Work Places 2016

NorthStar is proud to have been voted one of the top places to work by Philly.com from 2015 – 2016.

Philly.com Top Work Places 2015

NorthStar is proud to have been voted one of the top places to work by Philly.com in 2015.

Virginia SWAM-Certified

NorthStar Solutions Group, LLC is certified as a Small, Women and Minority-Owned Small Business by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity.


NorthStar Solutions Group, LLC is recognized as a New York State Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business.

OH Veteran Cert

NorthStar Solutions Group, LLC is certified by the State of Ohio as a Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise.


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