Work with a purpose, every day

Work with a purpose, every day

We are always looking for good people to grow our team. If you like expanding your skills, being involved in exciting projects, and striving to achieve the best for yourself and the people around you, then NorthStar is the place for you. We often work remotely supporting clients all over the U.S.

Anatomy of a NorthStar employee

Anatomy of a NorthStar employee
  • Critical thinkers

    NorthStar employees think smart at every step of the way. We evaluate strategically and make mid-course corrections, all with a focus on achieving desired results.

  • Trustworthy

    We rely on you and so do our clients. Attributes of accuracy, dependability, and credibility lend to our record for delivering results in complex organizations.

  • Strength of character

    We show a heart and believe in compassion and doing the right thing. Our consultants bring leadership, integrity, and sincerity to our clients to tackle the most challenging change efforts.

  • Hands-on doers

    We are accomplished consultants who are active participators on projects and we work hand-in-hand with team members, partners, and clients. Active engagement and cooperation defines our character.

  • Intestinal fortitude

    We value the courage and gumption needed to accomplish goals and reach success. We would love for you to join us to show how clever and resourceful you are.

  • Got your back

    First-and-foremost, know that your NorthStar team is always here for you. Our consultants also 'have the back' of our clients. We're in it with them.

  • Hit the ground running

    Ready, set, go! We’re doers focused on delivering solutions and achieving results. Regardless of industry or business function, NorthStar consultants look for balanced and practical approaches to solving the most tricky challenges.


What it means to be a NorthStar employee

While we perform consulting work for clients, the NorthStar team is made up of employees.  This means that although you might be on an engagement at a third party company, you are first-and-foremost a NorthStar employee. 

NorthStar is committed to your success.  When engagements end - and they do - NorthStar is committed to you and your career.  Just like we are committed to our clients and to meeting their goals, we pledge to help you grow and achieve your professional goals.  We attribute our success to the high quality of employees that we have on our team.  We are advisors, thinkers, doers, leaders, strategists, and go-getters.  

Why NorthStar is one of the best places to work

Competitive salaries

Skilled team members deserve to be paid for their worth. That is why we provide great compensation for all employees.

Comprehensive benefits

You have a choice of medical insurance, plus employer-paid dental, vision, life, adoption, and ST and LT disability insurance.

Flexible paid time off

We provide 3 weeks PTO to start with more for each year of service, plus flex days for your birthday and work anniversary.

Work with top talent

Work with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Share with your peers in continuous learning and high achievement.

Exciting clients and projects

Work with Fortune 500 companies on enterprise-wide, high-visibility initiatives using cutting-edge technologies.

Training opportunities

After 90 days, we offer reimbursement up to $1,000 annually towards approved skills training & certification.

Corporate citizenship

Numerous charitable and volunteer opportunities to support and enrich the communities we serve.

Enjoyable community

Be a part of our team oriented culture. We look for opportunities to get to know each other and have some fun.

Career opportunities

We would love to have the chance to get to know you and add you to our talent pool.  In this fast-paced environment, positions pop up quickly and having your information on hand is ideal.  We are honored that you are considering us in your job search.  Please fill out this form to introduce yourself.  We look forward to getting to know you.



Our team wants to hear from you

NorthStar Solutions Group is pleased to operate as a virtual company, enabling our team of professionals to help you wherever you are. We are dedicated to supporting your needs and to delivering on your goals.