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NorthStar has been helping our clients successfully execute and implement their most complex and critical transformation initiatives. Recently, COVID-19 presented businesses with new challenges on how to not only sustain operations but grow in an increasingly challenging and virtual work from anywhere world. Remote work is here to stay.

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If a company had not already established remote working, the pandemic compelled this change.  NorthStar's telecom and cloud transformation solutions help companies implement the necessary technologies and processes that allow employees to collaborate, communicate, and serve customers efficiently and effectively.

Today, many organizations, regardless of size or industry, have communications tools at their core. How can they be utilized most effectively?  What is the best way to achieve system and tool integration that makes work from anywhere collaboration simpler, more flexible, and more cost effective?

NorthStar brings the skill and experience of execution with our expansive partnership network to operate as a trusted partner to help companies design, implement, and optimize their work from anywhere strategies.

Benefits of moving to telecom and cloud solutions

With the new work from anywhere paradigm, how do you select the right approach for your company?  How do you ensure you select the right tool or collection of tools to seamlessly and efficiently operate?

Telecom and cloud adoption continue to grow as organizations look for performance gains and ways to eliminate problems and costs associated with traditional, hardware-based data centers.  Utilizing telecom and cloud allows companies to manage the increase of data, analytics, and expansion of networks occurring across all industries.

Benefits of using NorthStar as a supplier-neutral, trusted telecom & cloud solutions partner

NorthStar provides end-to-end remote work approaches that combine value with supplier-neutral solutions across our wide partnership network in order to accelerate the delivery of telecom and cloud solutions at both speed and scale. We help to identify better ways of leveraging these solutions, from strategy to transformation to operations, so that we help you realize the full beneficial impact that telecom and cloud can offer.  While technology providers generally focus on ensuring a world-class product, their professional services models tend to be less mature and lacking in quality.  Even with mature professional service processes, most successful implementation and adoption depends on client organization readiness to effect the required change and establish internal capacities to manage the internal change effort and business and systems integration while also maintaining current operations.

Top 5 reasons to work with us as your solutions partner


  1. Gain access to unlimited supplier options. We make recommendations based upon your specific objectives. 
  2. Provide you with a personalized solution planning for execution, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
  3. Develop a long-term relationship with us.  We are committed to your success as if it were our own.
  4. Gain a trusted advisor. We act as an extension of your team, guiding you with tailored recommendations.
  5. Stay up to date on cutting edge technology.  We have our fingers on the pulse of evolving cloud and telecom technologies.

NorthStar offers a full spectrum of capabilities:


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    Multi-facility Medical Rehabilitation and Imaging Company

    Leading the selection of superior customer service and features for a VoIP solution

    The request

    A multi-facility Medical Rehabilitation and Imaging company was approaching the end of contract with its existing Business VoIP provider.  They were not happy with the quality and the customer service of their current provider and asked NorthStar for assistance in coming up with a new solution.

    NorthStar assessed the current state, worked with company leadership to understand pain points and future state requirements, determined the conceptual design for the new system, worked with its partner network of VoIP/UCaaS/CCaaS providers to select the best match provider, helped negotiate the terms and conditions to include better SLA terms, and assisted in the implementation process.

    The NorthStar solution

    As a direct result of leveraging NorthStar as its Business Technology Solutions Advisor, the client got a higher-quality solution, better tailored to their individual requirements with an award-winning support model and a better overall price.


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