Technology management to achieve business results

Technology management to achieve business results

Create a competitive advantage by getting your people and technologies working together.

Technology Management

Using technology to support our clients' strategies

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Successful technology management requires an evaluation, not only of the technical landscape, but takes a holistic view of people, culture, strategy, and goals. 

Technology is the base of operations for how companies function and grow which means it drives your business - from core capabilities to innovation and from employee experience to customer experience.

Technology selection and implementation

NorthStar works with clients to determine which technologies are optimal for their environment, people, and culture.  We look for solutions that match a company's need and are also practical and economical.

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Results of our work

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    Multi-facility Medical Rehabilitation and Imaging Company

    Leading the selection of superior customer service and features for a VoIP solution

    A multi-facility Medical Rehabilitation and Imaging company was approaching the end of contract with its existing Business VoIP provider.  They were not happy with the quality and the customer service of their current provider and asked NorthStar for assistance in coming up with a new solution.

    NorthStar assessed the current state, worked with company leadership to understand pain points and future state requirements, determined the conceptual design for the new system, worked with its partner network of VoIP/UCaaS/CCaaS providers to select the best match provider, helped negotiate the terms and conditions to include better SLA terms, and assisted in the implementation process.

    As a direct result of leveraging NorthStar as its Business Technology Solutions Advisor, the client got a higher-quality solution, better tailored to their individual requirements with an award-winning support model and a better overall price.


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