Effective delivery of programs & projects

Effective delivery of programs & projects

Program and project management at its core is a strategy execution function. We work with your team to execute a strategy to meet your organizational goals.

Program & Project Management

Managing programs and projects to drive business results 

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NorthStar program and project management consultants bring experience, leadership, and streamlined practices to all of their clients.  We recognize that the success of programs and projects has much more to do with ensuring sound project management principles are integrated into the organization. This is best achieved when program and project management is a facilitator of strategy execution.  The experts at NorthStar will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the best results for your organization.

Balancing project management with flexibility for real life

Our experienced professionals balance the traditional project management pillars of time, budget, and scope with the goals your organization is trying to achieve.  We first help your team implement its strategy with resources, tools, and vendors, and then provide guidance using proven strategies for maintenance and upkeep. 

The strategy and vision of most organizations are linked to the execution of projects. To meet those expectations, organizations need to have a strong level of project management discipline and capability.

— Michelle Carnot, PMP

Project Manager, NorthStar Solutions Group

Results of our work

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    • Program & Project Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Providing project management services in support of knowledge base migration

    For this knowledge base migration project, NorthStar provided project execution consulting as well as organization change management.  Project activities consisted of providing overall project management such as defining and planning the schedule, building logs for changes, risks, issues, and building communication plans.  For the organization change work, we supported the resource, process and technology integration of multiple corporate, market, and vendor stakeholder groups.

    The project was split into phases; phase 1 included initial application set-up & configuration and infrastructure set-up, establishing national & initial market application architecture, and conducting knowledge transfer from vendor professional services.  

    Phase 2 included execution, control, and project close.  As a team who values strategy execution, our role in this phase included not only a successful knowledge base migration but planning for post-deployment maintenance. 

    • Business Process Management
    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Program & Project Management
    • Talent Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Supporting and coordinating our client’s OKR business process change

    NorthStar is providing talent services to our client’s streaming apps team to support and coordinate their Operational Key Result (OKR) business initiative for 8-10 teams.  Our client was looking to focus the effort of their Stream App group on work that would have a proven and measurable result for their customers. Previously, there was no clear way of correlating the work done directly to customer value.  

    With NorthStar talent as the supporting Program Manager and Coach, we built a working partnership between Product Owners, Developers, QA, and Operations Support to define and clarify the most important needs for stream customers.  These needs were targeted as the group's objectives.  Capturing these needs and determining how to quantify them into Key Results (KRs) was a major mindset shift for the group.  With NorthStar guidance, the teams had to decide what would best help "move the needle" for their customers for the targeted areas.  Capturing, ranking, and measuring the projects with this focus in mind was a new challenge for the teams.

    With the help of NorthStar, our client reached several industry goals. All of the new teams were able to create concrete goals (objectives), with supporting metrics (key results) to build towards those goals.  The teams were able to prioritize and focus on projects related to these goals. NorthStar continues to lead and manage the implementation of projects focused on our client's objectives, including platform expansion to reach more customers, improved reach of self-service to reduce wait times, and error rates equal to or better than competitor offerings to provide customers with a seamless experience. 

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    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Program & Project Management

    Leading Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

    Transforming a dated and limited website

    Our client is a healthcare organization consisting of three hospitals providing a variety of primary and specialty physician services. NorthStar is providing B2B professional services to our client’s marketing organization to lead and manage their website redesign initiative through various project phases. They were looking to replace their existing websites with a fresh, modern, unified web experience that highlights their unique brand, improves the user experience and delivers measurable results in terms of expanded opportunities to recruit patients, physicians and partners through improved content and online services. 

    NorthStar needed to capture all of the business drivers from the physician, marketing, and information technology perspectives and ensure alignment amongst all project stakeholders. We knew this would be the key to ensure a clear understanding of the priorities that would guide the discovery and vendor selection process as well as forecast the project initiation timeline for the successful redesign.

    NorthStar led the effort in determining the evaluation criteria for vendors, building scoring models, assessing functional requirements, and conducting technical analysis of a variety of content management and provider management platforms. We produced a comprehensive analysis of alternatives looking at key metrics to help inform our client of the most technologically sound and affordable options. 

    Our project achieved several projected goals and milestones.  

    • Leveraged NorthStar’s rigorous analysis and chose to proceed with NorthStar’s recommended vendors to execute the website redesign.  
    • NorthStar guided them through the procurement process building design documentation and process/data flows in order to enable a smooth transition to project initiation. 
    • With the help of contracted talent for both content management system and provider management system vendors and initiated their website redesign project. 

    NorthStar continues to lead and manage the implementation project through vendor coordination, integration management, operational strategic planning, risk mitigation, and change management oversight.

    • Advisory Services
    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Program & Project Management

    Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company

    Evaluating and documenting user experience of national customer facing interactive voice recognition (IVR) application

    A leading Fortune 50 Telecommunications corporation undergoing a multi-billion-dollar merger selected NorthStar Solutions Group to evaluate and document the user experience of their national customer facing Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) application. In addition to providing an analysis of the user experience of the IVR, NorthStar provided specific recommendations and opportunities for improvement of the customer experience throughout all major paths throughout the IVR. 

    Encouraged by the recent merger, the client was interested in evaluating the IVR user experience from a third-party perspective. The client wanted to gain insight into the aspects of the system that were intuitive and functioned well, and those that were more difficult for a user to interact with. The IVR system was implemented in the early 2000’s and was less user-friendly and precise than some more current, recently built IVR systems. The client desired recommendations from a speech technology and platform agnostic point-of-view. 

    The call flows and corresponding user experience recommendations that NorthStar provided raised awareness within the organization responsible for the ownership, maintenance, and upgrades to the IVR system. NorthStar carried out the followings tasks to complete the project: 

    • Developed and executed the project plan 
    • Reviewed user interface specification and other call management documentation 
    • Generated use cases and worked with the client to prioritize them based on business criticality 
    • Cultivated a comprehensive backlog of use cases, including DTMF and natural language to enable further analysis and exploration 
    • Captured call recordings and created standardized diagrams of different IVR branches 
    • Tailored recommendations for system improvement at the use-case level 
    • Provided overarching recommendations applicable to larger branches of the system 

    NorthStar provided comprehensive documentation that included 63 individual use cases that corresponded to defined branches of the IVR system. NorthStar identified opportunities to restructure menus, streamline messaging, integrate online or mobile phone functionality where possible, shorten call times, and reduce fall-out into call centers.

What our clients say about us

System Director, Digital Marketing

Multi-Billion Dollar Regional Health System

"I recommend NorthStar without reservation. NorthStar has provided digital / website project management for our system for over two years, first for a major website migration to Sitecore then for more than 10 follow-on projects. Their team’s professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and ability to help us hit all of our project dates on time and within budget are keys to our system’s success."

Senior Director, Data Science

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

"I am grateful to have worked with NorthStar to obtain a consultant. We began our partnership with NorthStar by obtaining a Project Manager to manage our first Data Science global project, a cross-functional project with multiple stakeholders, from Company Executive Committee to Software Developers. She helped navigate difficult circumstances and delicate conversations and drove project to successful completion, on time and on budget. Following the project’s success, she directly engaged in subsequent Data Science initiatives, expanding her roles to manage Data Science portfolio and be a key partner in defining Data Science long term strategy."

Manager, Business Services

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

“With a high quantity of work, rapid changes, and a matrixed partnered/managed environment, we require highly competent consultants who can quickly and easily adapt to changing project demands with little to no training. NorthStar has consistently provided top quality consultants, especially in the business analyst/agile product management space. Consultants that I’ve worked with have proven to be highly trained in business analyst best practices and can operate with a high degree of autonomy. Currently, most of my team is comprised of NorthStar consultants, all of whom have been a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Director, Advanced Analytics

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

"In our industry, we depend on complex data-driven products to provide value to the firm and its customers. Many of today’s data-driven projects – like building an enterprise model management platform - require a carefully thought-out and executed project plan. NorthStar’s consultants have regularly provided us with the technical and managerial expertise to navigate these projects. And, it’s not just because they’re good project managers. They know how to navigate large, complex businesses in an effort to better-integrate the overall value of the project (and its people) into the business."


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