Successful product management at every stage of the lifecycle

Successful product management at every stage of the lifecycle

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Product Management

Establishing a product for your vision

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Product management is responsible for establishing a vision for the product and following that up with an execution strategy to fulfill it—with the customer in mind.  Product managers strategically drive the development, market launch, and continual support and improvement of a company’s products by leveraging their intimate understanding of customers to create tailored solutions for them.

Product management through collaboration

NorthStar’s product management consultants work in tight partnership with clients while bringing a customer focus.  In collaboration with the client, we execute on the product vision that will meet the needs of your customers. Our experienced product managers understand the planning, forecasting, production, and marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Results of our work

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    • Agile Transformation
    • Execution & Delivery
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Product Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Advising and leading our client’s IoT platform team planning session

    Our client wanted to spin up a new platform to support all of the upstream and downstream teams involved in the home automation and monitoring solutions for their cable customers, forming a new platform team that would be the new backend platform to power the home automation teams. These teams had been working in silos, but with the introduction of the new back-end platform team we needed alignment and coordination more than ever.

    NorthStar led the effort in determining the right agile process and ceremonies in place to help identify the teams involved, including the teams that were impacted by dependencies and how we were going to mitigate the risks while increasing alignment across teams and locations. By proposing the Scaled Agile Framework Program Increment Planning, or PI Planning, we were able to deliver a solution that would work for all teams involved, called a ‘release train’. 

    As a result of creating a release train (a team of teams), we were able to pull together 7 teams from 5 different cities, to sit together, plan together and deliver a 6 sprint (quarterly plan) that identified the why, what, how and who for all 7 teams. We identified risks, mapped dependencies from one team to another, identified integration milestones to show progress, and gained alignment in a single day. 

    Thanks in part to the PI Planning NorthStar helped facilitate, our client delivered their first end-to-end integration with the new back end platform enabling us to move faster with releasing home automation for our consumers in the first quarter.

    • Agile Transformation
    • Execution & Delivery
    • Product Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Directing service-oriented agile product management through business analysis & product ownership

    A global media and technology company turned to NorthStar Solutions Group to improve the volume and quality output of their agile development group that was responsible for maintaining and enhancing key foundational content management software and infrastructure throughout the organization. This group was struggling to translate the needs of the business and deliver on its objectives. NorthStar focused on changing the culture of the relationship between the business and technology teams by introducing product leadership to promote change through improved communication, collaboration, transparency and integrity.  

    The organization struggled with a growing negative culture of Business vs. Technology that was impeding progress and lowering morale. The ever-evolving and fast-moving business lacked the time and resources to properly educate and articulate their competitive challenges. The technology team lacked the “big picture” thinking and interpersonal skills needed to gain a deeper understanding of what was being asked of them. These behaviors and skill gaps put the two groups at odds and created a crisis of confidence. With the technology team veering off course and becoming less solution oriented, the amount of usable product being delivered slowed to a crawl. The two groups were at a proverbial stalemate and sought NorthStar’s expertise in Product Management to move the team forward.  

    NorthStar embedded a proven structure within the organization where a Product Owner sat squarely between the Business and Technology teams and served as a liaison and change agent to help build a stronger working relationship between the two groups. NorthStar used a service-oriented approach to provide value to the organization and implemented the following to deliver results:  

    • Strategic Alignment. Manage an evolving strategy and roadmap development together with socializing the vision and goals across all teams to ensure transparency, buy-in, and alignment.  
    • Actionable Problem Solving. Field all requests and engage with the business to fully flesh out problems that need solving in terms that can be executed on.  
    • Collaboration. Identify solutions to the challenges that provide value to the business.  
    • Accountability. Ensure both teams are setting proper expectations with each other.  
    • Communication. Facilitate routine prioritization, planning, execution, guidance, feedback and approvals. Continuous Improvement. Provide and seek out routine feedback on delivered products.  

    NorthStar took a potentially toxic situation that could have cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and turned it around to be a productive and highly collaborative relationship. In the timespan of just a few months the overall output of the technology team increased by 50%. In addition to the increased velocity and throughput, there were also fewer defects and a higher level of stakeholder satisfaction. 


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