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Performance management is key to strategy execution

Performance management is tied to measuring the success of an organization’s business strategies, programs, & projects. With a performance management plan, people at all levels of a company become united toward meeting the same goals.

Performance Management Strategies and Services

Setting measurable goals to ensure desired results

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Performance Management is a business strategy.  It starts with a clear understanding of a company's business objectives and goals at a high level and program and project goals at a lower level.  With this information, performance metrics and measurements are defined so that results can be measured.  Performance management ties goals to results and builds a process for on-going feedback and evaluation.  It uses data and metrics to quantify goals.  

A critical piece of successful performance management is an iterative evaluation process that includes information sharing, communication, and incorporating feedback.   

By understanding an organization's goals and strategies, we help companies develop performance management plans.

What performance management looks like

NorthStar’s end goal is to help businesses execute on their strategy. Performance management helps companies align their projects and actions with their overarching strategy goals by comparing an organization’s actual results to its desired results. 

As performance management consultants, we help companies bridge the gap between desired results and actual results through a deep understanding of a company’s culture, operations, management style, and the competitive landscape. By setting goals and continuously monitoring progress in each of these sectors, we work with companies to develop a holistic plan that aligns directly to their overarching strategy.

Performance management metrics drive action

Our approach to helping companies align their everyday actions with their broader strategy goals includes these key actions.

  1. Define your organization’s overall strategy & identify the most impactful components to help execute & achieve this strategy
  2. Develop a set of initiatives, projects, & programs to produce the desired KPI outcomes
  3. Eastablish KPIs for each component to measure success
  4. Build day-to-day operational, change management, & feedback processes for overall alignment & continuing enhancements

No matter how solid a company’s strategies may be, without performance management, strategies are just words on paper. As performance management consultants, we help companies set and track goals to ensure actions, outcomes, and learnings contribute to their larger strategy, every day.  Performance management ties outcomes and results to measurements for growth and improvement.

Results of our work

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    Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

    Increasing report acceptance through data analysis and visualization

    A case study in business intelligence 

    Our large hospitality client came to NorthStar with challenges they wanted us to solve.  They had multiple audiences with different levels of understanding and ability to understand their data.  There was no consistent and coherent way of telling the story that the data reveals.  Also, there was inconsistent branding leading to lack of acceptance, credibility, and value of internal data. 

    NorthStar worked with the client to set the following objectives: present data in multiple categories in a consistent digestible way and provide consistent branding to bring a sense of integrated value of the client’s data team. 

    As an approach, NorthStar designed a framework with clear and consistent format and flow, defined as key measures, executive summary limited to three color coded point, summary details, and future focus efforts.  We updated to consistent branding using our client’s brand standards, included resources like images and icons for easily building consistently branded content, and utilized data visualization, storytelling, graphic design, and common technology platforms to deliver self-service “fool proof” formatting. 

    Through this effort, there was a consistent understanding of the key measures, analysis, and next steps.  By integrating into our client’s brand standards, the report demonstrated both the buy-in of the data team and added value they bring. Information was accepted as more valid coming from an internal source.  The report was produced faster and more efficiently since the format called for clear parameters and condensation of the information to just the most important factors.  


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