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Our tool-agnostic, solution-first consultants have expertise in 40+ social media intelligence tools which help marketers make decisions informed by insights.

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The Social Media Intelligence Team helps marketers stay on top of what’s driving historical & real-time consumer perception & sentiment shifts, be ready to engage consumers immediately within the moment of consideration, evaluate brand social audience overlap & affinity compared to potential influencers & partners, and benchmark content performance against competition to gain context.

Our services can help craft & enhance your company’s existing capabilities, evaluate & recommend social media intelligence tool(s) for your custom needs, or execute analysis for you.


Our Recent Social Media Intelligence Insights


Analysis of SportsPro Media's 50 Most Marketable lists (Athletes, Brands and Properties) for 2021

August 23rd, 2021, BBC Global News: Watch NorthStar's Social Media Intelligence Lead, Frank Gregory, discuss his team's analysis of SportsPro Media's 50 Most Marketable lists (Athletes, Brands and Properties) for 2021 with BBC Global News


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The Impact of Social Media Intelligence

June 15th, 2021, Hashtag Sports 2021 VRTL: Watch NorthStar's Social Media Intelligence Lead, Frank Gregory, walk through a recent analysis of the 2021 Women's College Basketball Tournament social media conversation and discuss "How Social Media Can Empower & Drive Change In Women's Sports" with Haley Rosen (Founder, Just Women's Sports), Amber Cox (COO, KC NWSL) and Dr. Ceyda Mumcu (Associate Professor of Sports Management, University of New Haven.


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Don't act with blindspots


Tagged and untagged content

Many organizations conduct social media monitoring to track ‘owned channel’ engagement (meaning comments on their brands’ posts and when the brand’s handle is ‘tagged’ into a consumer’s post), but this reveals only a small portion of the brand story.

Greater value is garnered by looking beyond the brand’s posts to analyze the true consumer sentiment about the brand across the social web, including the significantly larger volume of ‘untagged’ mentions of the brand (meaning the consumer didn’t put the ‘@’ in front of the brand’s name, so no alert was provided to the brand’s page/handle owner).

Competitor and industry analysis

Even greater value can be found when expanding the search beyond brand conversation to track competitor mentions, relevant industry or product mentions, and other related trending topics. This includes not just social channels, but other publicly-available online sources like blogs, forums and news sites.


If a brand is to be active and competitive in social media, brands must move beyond basic monitoring of owned channels and start listening to the greater conversation.

— Frank Gregory

Social Media Intelligence Practice Lead

Actionable insights

Comprehensive Social Media Intelligence allows you to discover actionable insights in order to amplify positive sentiment, respond quickly and appropriately to negative commentary, and see trends that inform marketing and product development decision-making. Social Media Intelligence provides all aspects of an organization…not just the social media team…with a never-ending treasure trove of insights on how people perceive the world.


Ready to gain daily insights about your business, category & world around us, hearing from the consumers themselves?

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Results of our work

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    • Program & Project Management
    • Social Media Intelligence
    • Talent Management

    Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

    Using social media influencers to guide campaign development and execution & performance reporting

    Our media agency client was working with a global hospitality brand looking to use social media influencers to launch a major announcement around their brand’s partnership with space exploration. They came to NorthStar to support many aspects of the campaign, from account management & project management to influencer identification content ideation, day-of production execution and post-campaign performance reporting.

    NorthStar used a stack of social media intelligence tools to support the campaign. First, NorthStar identified over 100+ qualified social media influencers through Tagger Media, then helped the client through the selection of 50 influencers to reach out to, with the achieved goal of partnering with 20 in total. NorthStar then used Sylo to authenticate these influencers to ensure robust campaign content performance reporting would be possible post-campaign, and that the influencers’ fan/follower activity was authentic throughout the campaign timeline.

    NorthStar then set up social conversation tracking in Brandwatch to monitor the campaign in real-time for potential consumer engagement opportunities as consumers saw the influencer activity unfold on the streets of New York City. We continued to monitor a conversation in Brandwatch post-campaign, evaluating the campaign with quarterly reports (and upon-request quick-turn recaps for executives) that benchmarked brand conversation and competitive share of voice pre-campaign vs. the lift mid- and post-campaign. Finally, NorthStar leveraged Unmetric to analyze the impact of the brand’s owned posts in terms of engagement and reach, benchmarked against their average performance and that of competing hotel brands. Not only did the campaign win awards for its creativity, and drive lift in positive sentiment and share of voice for the brand, but brand executives were pleased with the extent of the social media analysis provided, being more robust and impactful than they had ever seen from previous campaign reporting.

    • Social Media Intelligence
    • Talent Management
    • Tools & Technologies

    Good Run Research

    Diving deep into a topic of social conversation

    NorthStar assisted Good Run Research, a market research firm, who was preparing a new survey on the perceptions of aging and caregiving: how it feels to age in our current times, what it means to be a caregiver, and how perceptions have shifted over the past few years. The firm recognized the need to optimize their survey language with an analysis of how consumers naturally speak about aging and caregiving. To supplement, NorthStar used a leading social media analytics tool, Brandwatch, to analyze four years of related social media conversation, providing a comprehensive examination of conversation drivers, influencer levels, sentiment, gender, life stage and geographic trends. The insights enabled the research firm to write their survey, and further their own consumer perception research project, with a stronger understanding of the topic than a stand-alone survey could have accomplished.

    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Social Media Intelligence

    Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

    Analyzing social conversation topics for a global hospitality brand

    On behalf of our client, a global media agency, NorthStar assisted their global hospitality client by conducting a deep-dive social conversation analysis to inform the strategy of their upcoming campaign launch. The campaign was set to relaunch and change the perception of their greatest amenity, free hot breakfast. 

    In order to help the company implement their campaign, NorthStar evaluated 13 months of consumer conversations by using Brandwatch. Through our research, we were able to identify the social conversation drivers within the general hotel breakfast conversation (not specific to their brand) that drove the most positive sentiment, such as freshness & presentation (i.e. the ‘Instagram-worthy’ plate), a variety of health options, and personalized hospitable service. After identifying these drivers, we utilized Unmetric to compare the brand’s competitors’ content performance, benchmarking it to understand what content resonates best with hotel stayers in general. 

    After gaining insight from the brand content and consumer conversation research, we went further to identify and reach the brand’s target consumer audience for the campaign. Using Helixa, we identified actionable insights on the best timing to post campaign content on their social channels as well as what age groups and geographic location of consumers have high affinity for the brand. With the use of this analysis, the brand was able to launch a campaign that redefined their free hot breakfast options amongst consumers, placing them in a leadership position vs. their direct competitive set in terms of the best hotel to enjoy a free hot breakfast.


    • Social Media Intelligence
    • Talent Management

    Fortune 350 Global Media Agency

    Extending a social analytics team to meet an immediate need

    A global media agency, whose Social Analytics team is based in NYC, had recently won a major piece of new business with a Fortune 350 client, needing to support 15+ brands with ad-hoc and monthly analysis on social conversation sentiment, post content performance, influencer affinity and campaign recaps. Their current staff was already busy, so the agency quickly needed strong social media analysts with knowledge of many leading social analytics tools (Brandwatch, Talkwalker, Infegy, Helixa, Sprinklr, Tagger Media, Shareablee, Sylo and Unmetric) to become an extension of their team.

    They turned to NorthStar, who provided seasoned, local NYC-based social media analysts able to be in-office 5 days a week. NorthStar was able to recruit, vet, secure, onboard and integrate a dedicated team of social media analysts within 3 weeks of the request. Fast forward a year later, and NorthStar's analysts are not only seen as an essential part of the agency's team, but are leading some of the most important social media analysis projects the agency is working on, across all of the agency's accounts.

How we do it

  • Assessing: Understanding business needs to guide an organization through identifying social media solutions, social media analytics capability & resource planning, tool/vendor selection, research planning and analysis execution.
  • Building: Assisting an organization through social media analytics tool integration and staff training on analysis best practices, as well as the creation of in-office social media visualizations such as trending topic ‘command centers’.
  • Reporting: Executing custom one-off deep-dive topical analyses or building a program of regularly-cadenced analysis presentations (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) on topics relevant to a brand, product, industry or sponsorship pulled from social media intelligence tools.
  • Monitoring: Identifying and establishing the keyword queries and dashboards needed to track relevant social media monitoring intelligence in real-time, so that the proper client or partner agency staff members can be alerted to emerging trends, which can spark real-time content inspiration and/or proactive engagement opportunities.
  • Augmenting: Dedicating full-time supplementary resources to an organization’s existing social media analytics team, which act as an extension of the organization’s team based at the client’s preferred location (in-office, local remote or general remote).

Our consultants have expert knowledge in 40+ different social intelligence tools across the spectrum of social media analysis

What you'll receive

  • Consultation for social intelligence capability planning
  • Brand content strategy insights on consumer perception, sentiment, and trending topics
  • Real-time alerting and consultation for positive engagement opportunities and negative crisis moments
  • Data from our social media intelligence tools
  • Partner, brand, and influencer identification consultation
  • Competitive benchmarking of social content performance and conversation trends
  • Early brand, product, and industry pain point discovery
  • Traditional and digital campaign consumer reaction analysis
  • Assessment of social customer service response
  • Integration with other channels for holistic experience monitoring


What our clients say about us

Stacy Thomas

President, Good Run Research

"We were embarking on a huge research project to understand consumer perceptions of aging and caregiving, and needed a quick baseline understanding of common social media conversation themes. In just 3 weeks, NorthStar analyzed millions of conversations, even going back 3 years to show us how perceptions changed over time. Their analysis informed the rest of our primary research efforts, which made the project a resounding success!"


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