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Driving outcomes with enterprise information management solutions

Mastery of enterprise information management means recognizing the criticality of business data, information, and intelligence as enterprise assets.  The ability to mine your company and customer data, as well as other available data, to identify solutions is key for all businesses to thrive.

Enterprise Information Management

Understanding data and information as strategic business assets

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Big data is not a buzzword anymore; it is a reality. Big data grants companies the possibility of deriving valuable insights and facilitating decision making to improve business operations and enhance customer experience.  To achieve these outcomes, companies must have a comprehensive approach.

  • Determine how to centrally manage and control data sets even if they are disparately sourced and hosted
  • Establish systems and processes to continually ingest and clean both structured and unstructured data, and ensure data quality
  • Formulate means of data sharing and presentation to employees and customers alike, such as dashboards and reports
  • Build teams and processes to mine data for analytics, modelling, and predicting and then determine what to do with the results  
  • Implement security and compliance to align with industry and regulatory standards

Enterprise information management is key to successful strategy execution

Businesses that know how to capture and analyze data gain a clear advantage over their competitors. NorthStar applies our enterprise information management solutions with this in mind – focusing on real business challenges, developing practical solutions, and driving delivery and implementation – to give our clients the insights they need to do better business.

Whether on-site or work-from-anywhere, NorthStar provides a full spectrum of information management services designed to help our clients better access, organize, share, and understand their critical business data and information.  

Benefits of utilizing data and content as enterprise assets


  1. Identify new and emerging markets
  2. Understand your customers to drive an enhanced experience
  3. Support decision-making processes
  4. Increase all levels of business operations and performance
  5. Better manage profitability and identify cost cutting
  6. Uncover risks before they occur & implement mitigation strategies
  7. Clarify the value of your corporate information
  8. Models and training provide results to stay ahead of competitors

Solutions we offer

NorthStar Solutions Group can help you establish instrumentation, storage, processing, insight and action solutions to deliver results based on your organization's data.  We will help you learn how to support decision-making processes and day-to-day operations that require the availability of knowledge in both the work from anywhere and on-premises environments.

Because of our experience across many industries and disciplines, we are able to identify and implement the best technologies, processes, and practices for you.

Results of our work

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    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Creating, generating, and delivering in-house reports

    Our client's objective:

    For this project, our client’s objective was to have their full suite of weekly vendor managed reports created, generated, and delivered in-house. 

    Our client was making use of an outside team to create and deliver their reports.  Once they realized there were tangible benefits to bringing the work in-house, they asked NorthStar to utilize their internal team's capabilities to help reduce overall cost as well as curtail the number of persons needed to achieve the weekly deliverables.

    NorthStar's solution:

    As a member of the client’s internal team, the NorthStar expert assisted in documentation as well as learning the processes relating to the backend data and reporting technologies needed to drive the report deliverables.  Each targeted report was transitioned over to NorthStar for ownership.

    With full ownership of the vendor management reporting suite, NorthStar allowed members of our client’s team to both realize cost savings as well as focus on other pertinent initiatives to allow their productivity to be increased.

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    • Data & Analytics
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Generating reports from near real-time Contact Center call data

    Our history with the client

    We have been working with our Fortune 50 Telecommunications client since 2004 in many aspects of their business.  Recently their customer call data became available as near real-time, so they asked us to create reports from this data.

    Our client's goal was to capture and report on the call data as early as possible so that this important information would be shared with other groups as well as give them the ability to ingest the data into other systems.  The call data is important because it is a record of a telephone exchange or telecommunications transaction.  Near real-time availability of this data is critical to companies so they can act quickly and decisively.

    How we continue to make positive impacts

    With this change in reporting functionality, our client is now able to view call data much earlier and other users are able to grab the data earlier. It also allowed the client to get overnight calls that were on occasion missed due to timing. Overall, it sped up the reporting process and improved accuracy of the data.

    Our NorthStar expert adjusted the current process which pulled data once a day for the previous day to a new process which ran hourly to grab the previous 6 hours of calls or any call that had been modified in the last 6 hours.

    • Data & Analytics
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Data ingestion, ETL, and analytics for Customer Engagement Platform migration

    Summary of the request

    Our client was migrating to a new Customer Chat Platform (Nuance) and needed to retain the same level of reporting capability as their old Platform (eGain).

    Our client's challenges

    The client was inexperienced with extracting data from the product’s various APIs and needed assistance understanding and integrating data with various contact streams.  Contact analysis and transcript level detail had to be reproduced following existing guidelines.

    Our approach

    1. Phase 1, Discovery: NorthStar's data team worked with the business to define and build requirements. 
    2. Phase 2, Assessment: NorthStar's experts utilized the vendor documentation to determine the appropriate Nuance APIs needed and develop an ETL process.  
    3. Phase 3, Implementation: Data had to be normalized to fit into an existing structure based on the previous platform development.

    The results

    The results were a quick turnaround and seamless transition from the old chat platform to new providing downstream users with an uninterrupted flow of data.  Providing analysis such as Customer Sentiment and Customer Resolution Rate allowed the client to compare the new platform performance versus their established trends to identify and resolve issues early on in the rollout. 

    • Data & Analytics
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Execution & Delivery

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Providing big data and data science talent to detect and address anomalies

    Unusual network activity was a challenge for our client

    NorthStar provided our client with big data and analytics talent for their network content delivery team. Our client was experiencing unusual network events that drastically degraded service for their customers.  The objective was to detect these, and other, issues from the data to help catch and address issues. In a big data environment with millions of events occurring per second, analysts and teams can quickly become inundated and be unable to find what is needed in the middle of all of the chaos.  Also, the client neither had a solid definition of what was customer-impacting nor how to identify their occurrence. 

    Identifying the culprits

    Our data scientists quickly surveyed the team and identified a new dataset that wasn't well understood or used, and identified ways to analyze network events and developed anomaly-detection algorithms that would indicate when something abnormal occurred.  They also identified ways to connect a separate dataset to know what anomalous events were customer impacting, and then predicted customer impacting events using machine learning.


    Our project reached several quantifiable goals using an analytical approach.

    1. With the analytical approach we were able to identify anomalous events without a pre-defined event signature.  This was done in a modular way that allowed various types of events to be detected again without knowing the details of what a future event would look like.
    2. By identifying events impacting the client's ability to deliver their desired quality of service to their customers, these anomaly detection and prediction algorithms give insight to the client when issues begin to happen and often in advance of their occurrence so they can address them proactively rather than waiting to either receive reports of the issue from their customers because client personnel was not able to observe the issue amidst the overwhelming amount of data and activity of normal operations.

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