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Executing well-guided organizational change

NorthStar's organizational change management services help business leaders and organizations apply program, process, and technology best practices to achieve meaningful results. We tailor change management solutions for individual clients to ensure they are able to accelerate innovation, maximize benefits, ensure adoption, and adapt to changing market forces.

Organizational Change Management

Principles of successful organizational change

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Organizational change management is an approach to how a company prepares for and implements shifts in workflow, processes, structure, and culture.  The impact of change management is clear; a thorough and well-defined set of practices can have great impact on how companies manage any change, from minor to major, including through severe disruptions like COVID-19.

A continuous effort

Our comprehensive offerings ensure transformation projects achieve or exceed their intended business result by improving project awareness, building stakeholder knowledge and ability to adopt the changes, and then reinforcing the changes to ensure the change sticks and employees are empowered to make a successful transition.

5 key principles based on many years of experience

  1. Ensure the future state vision is clearly communicated and understood.  Create a roadmap with milestones.
  2. Be transparent with the approach, teams, and success measurements.      
  3. Involve stakeholders and supporters, pay attention to culture, ensure executives are onboard. 
  4. Communicate and solicit feedback frequently.  Evaluate and adjust along the way.
  5. Stay focused on the end goals.  Confirm you are achieving expected results. 

The 'special sauce' that makes organizational change management work

Emotional intelligence is a must-have for every organizational change manager.  Soft skills, such as the ability to read the room, are critical.  Recognizing that organizational change requires individual people to change the way they have acted in the past is often, and understandably, met with resistance.  Perceiving team members' thoughts and concerns will allow you to address them in a way that makes it more likely they will adapt to the change.

  • Employ industry best practices​
  • Utilize NorthStar standardized and repeatable processes​
  • Build as-is and to-be process mappings
  • Share ready and proven templates to save time & accelerate results​
  • Provide a comprehensive approach treating people, processes, and technology
  • Create and implement a thorough communications plan
  • Support teams at every step​

Our years of experience tell us that change and adoption of the change cannot happen without clear communication, project awareness fosters acceptance, and building stakeholder knowledge increases the feasibility of an organization to adopt the change.  Our comprehensive offerings ensure transformation projects achieve or exceed their intended business result.

Organizational change management is supported by our program & project management team

Program & project management solutions


Your success in life isn't based on your ability to simply change.  It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers, and business.

— Mark Sanborn

Author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur

Results of our work

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    • Execution & Delivery
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Program & Project Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Providing project management services in support of corporate enterprise knowledge base implementation

    Project execution consulting & organizational change management: a phased approach 

    For this Salesforce knowledge base migration project, NorthStar provided project execution consulting as well as organizational change management for our client's Contact Center.  Project activities consisted of providing overall project management such as defining and planning the schedule, building logs for changes, risks, issues, and building communication plans.  For the organization change work, we supported the resource, process and technology integration of multiple corporate, market, and vendor stakeholder groups.

    The project was split into phases; phase 1 included initial application set-up & configuration and infrastructure set-up, establishing national & initial market application architecture, and conducting knowledge transfer from vendor professional services.  

    Phase 2 included execution, control, and project close.  As a team who values strategy execution, our role in this phase included not only a successful knowledge base migration but planning for post-deployment maintenance.  Change control was also managed by NorthStar and in combination with sound risk monitoring, decisive mitigation actions and artful action and issue management, the project was delivered on time and to the agreed requirements.  Lessons learned capture and project continuity documentation were part of the seamless closure activities. 


    • Agile Solutions
    • Execution & Delivery
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Product Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Advising and leading our client’s IoT platform team planning session

    The client's challenge

    Our client wanted to spin up a new platform to support all of the upstream and downstream teams involved in the home automation and monitoring solutions for their cable customers, forming a new platform team that would be the new backend platform to power the home automation teams. These teams had been working in silos, but with the introduction of the new back-end platform team we needed alignment and coordination more than ever.

    An advisory and leadership approach

    NorthStar led the effort in determining the right agile process and ceremonies in place to help identify the teams involved, including the teams that were impacted by dependencies and how we were going to mitigate the risks while increasing alignment across teams and locations. By proposing the Scaled Agile Framework Program Increment Planning, or PI Planning, we were able to deliver a solution that would work for all teams involved, called a ‘release train’. 

    Change management that works

    As a result of creating a release train (a team of teams), we were able to pull together 7 teams from 5 different cities, to sit together, plan together and deliver a 6 sprint (quarterly plan) that identified the why, what, how and who for all 7 teams. We identified risks, mapped dependencies from one team to another, identified integration milestones to show progress, and gained alignment in a single day. 

    Thanks in part to the PI Planning NorthStar helped facilitate, our client delivered their first end-to-end integration with the new back end platform enabling us to move faster with releasing home automation for our consumers in the first quarter.

    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Execution & Delivery
    • Organizational Change Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Improving customer experience for our client’s end users and government regulators

    A request to improve customer experience

    A major telecommunications company sought assistance to adopt a new company wide customer focus.  The client was suffering badly in image due to the perception that Customer Service was poor and with the idea that investment in improving the Customer Experience was lacking.  The business was encountering pressure to improve Customer Experience from customers directly and from government regulators who were fielding customer complaints.  Dated technologies and data systems, and an organization not aligned with customer needs left customers with long hold times, missed appointments, multiple repeat calls and high levels of dissatisfaction.  

    Required a view into the supporting processes and frameworks

    The client was presently dealing with a large portfolio of opportunities that lacked focus and that lacked a project selection methodology.  In addition, the metrics surrounding the success of any one project and the overall improvement in Customer Experience was not aligned with current business unit KPIs. The overall goal was to reduce product impairments, minimize the amount of time to identify the problem, and accelerate the time it takes to diagnose and repair through the application of advanced information management. The client wanted a methodology that would clearly show the expected improvement in customer experience with a given investment.  A clear way to show how investments were having the intended effect, reduced customer friction, and improved customer journey was needed.

    Solution: create roadmap, establish modern support processes, define customer journey

    NorthStar’s solution was to approach the effort like a complex Organizational Change Management project.  After assessing the organization and completing an inventory of projects under consideration, the team was focused towards communicating the value of the portfolio and the development of a suitable roadmap of capabilities. Each project was paired with expected business results and key performance indicators so that metric collection plans could be implemented as the capabilities were introduced.  A strong methodology was developed to allow for project selection based on expected business results, engaging the proper stakeholders, and developing plans to ensure process changes were adopted.  A journey mapping capability was introduced that clearly captured the current state of the journey under consideration for improvement and that clearly presented expected improvements when the associated project was completed.  The journey mapping enabled consideration of advanced orchestration opportunities all with the clear goal of improving product performance, agent effectiveness, and overall customer experience.

    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Execution & Delivery
    • Organizational Change Management

    Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

    Measuring return on investment to extend successful programs and adjust lagging programs

    An organizational change challenge

    A major telecommunications company sought assistance while adopting a Net Promoter Score system designed to provide a company-wide customer focus.  Client challenges included:

    • Brand was suffering due to recent high visibility customer service failures and consumer trust had eroded.  Industry wide metrics placed the client at or near the bottom in virtually every category of customer service.  
    • Needed a way to provide NPS visibility and a way to associate NPS results with actionable information.  NPS surveys were administered, logged, and evaluated but the client found it difficult attributing operational changes with NPS improvements.  
    • Missing ways to measure return on investment so successful programs could be extended and lagging programs could be stopped or adjusted.  NPS movements were apparent but they were always in the aggregate.  
    • No linking of customer journeys and agent actions, and a change program to guide stakeholders towards new, more effective customer service processes was needed.  
    • Needed a way to ensure the changes were accelerated and enduring so the culture of the organization could be aligned towards the new strategy based on Customer Service Excellence.    

    NorthStar’s solution

    NorthStar’s solution was to approach the effort like an Organizational Change initiative by concentrating on the human side of change.  Initial steps were to assess the overarching organizational needs and understanding the benefits desired; NorthStar was able to design a change plan that accelerated the client toward improved processes and improved customer experience.  Analysis of stakeholder impact clearly identified the customer service agents as needing better visibility into customer NPS and linkage to actions taken and resolutions observed.  NorthStar uncovered that agent’s needed improved knowledge to support the personalized customer experience change that was desired.  Additional opportunities were identified that would allow for improved communications and team awareness when change improvements took hold.  NorthStar was critical in the client’s ability to align the technical enablers, which enhanced the agent’s ability to adopt the new methods and was able to ensure training and awareness support was available to lift the agent’s knowledge.    

    How we measured the solution

    Measurable improvements in the Net Promoter Score were observed by this client.  An improvement of 13 NPS points was observed at the same time the client observed a dramatic 15% increase in customer satisfaction as measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.  With the improved reports, the client was able to focus on projects that held the greatest potential improvements including programs to encourage digital adoption and technician enablement.  Linking agent action to NPS results was a powerful tool enabling the client to identify worthwhile projects.  The agent’s ability to view and understand NPS ratings was key in their ability to understand the customer and deliver a more personalized service.  This client was able to successfully implement an organizational transformation centered on improving customer experience. 


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